Monday, June 28, 2010


Slowly adapting the new environment,the new teaching method in art stream
Quite tough at the beginning,somehow,i adapt well so far 
less update due to tones of essays to be finished everyday
seem i have to buy new pens every week haha
ok that is a joke**

Ohya,good news to share
my another charity campaigne had just approved by school's principal
ohyea,wish me luck to implement that tremendously and smoothly

did mention about imprudent ibanese girl ealier?who hate me and keep gossiping about me?
she has stopped that.fortunately.
though i dont really care as she is just an allien to me
still,its affect my mood in class,yeap she is myh classmate now =X
shit.i know.unpleasant fly blocking my sight,guarrrr!

see you :)

countless facts to be memorised
my memory card is getting full now
almost blast
oh my godness
God knows how exhausted am i 

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