Sunday, June 20, 2010


Clearly remember how it started
it ended with another start
and re started with another end
it sounds silly but its so true

No regret but have to 
Don know why but it had happened
i broke your heart yesterday
and you broke my heart today

i call this as a revenge
or shall i call it as a retribution
i cried without wonder
i clearly know why with satisfaction

And today i firmly decide to move on
refuse to be in dilemma
refuse to make any changes
move on and never turn back

i had a dream 
a shot that no one could ever imagine
its tremendous that no one could expect
that will i turn it into real vision

i know you are not what i desired
but my heart had betrayed me
and you scratched my heart
it hurted and realised it's a dumb-ass

so now my heart no longer a nuisance
it agreed to let me move on
without doubt,without hesitation
glad you are back,my heart 

so now my heart n i stand together
make an agreement
 get a victory as planned
that belong to my heart and I

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