Monday, April 26, 2010

i straighten n cut my hair!

i cut n straighten my hair today=)
offered price is RM88
that offer price is using lawsy's portion la.
thus  i requested for a better quality one.
she charged me RM120.
not expensive though^__^ PLUS the service is nice!satiesfied=D
bt my body numb especially my shoulder,cz cant move when they applied the 'shaping cream' i nearly fall aslp =_=
approximately 5 cm damaged hairs being cut T^T
thus its shorter la ><
i decided not to cut my hairs in 3 yrs time except my fringe la XP
i want super duper long feminine hair XD
so bored and hate my 'punky' hair which i ever had when i was 16.
duno why i kind of kept cutting my hair last time,n caused my hairs nw stil very short ven though closely one yr dint cut =_=
my precious darling??hair
fast grow long liao ~~~T^T
hahahaha xD
btw,give u see my fake hair XP,enjoy!!^_^

Friday, April 23, 2010

m i ambitious?

''Am i ambitious?''
this question struck my mind when i was chatting with bobby.
i was saying chris n him were both ambitious man.
and he said:
''3 of us!''
I was hesitating to reply convincingly:
'yesh!3 of us!!'
but i dint,instead saying that i said:'erm,me?nola...'
it wasnt bcz im not ambitious for sure,i am !i reali am.but just that currently i felt the dream still far away from me,i still couldnt found the bridge that link me to my dream.thus,i feel weak for that moment,that causing me doubt my self.
the best initiative is that i must struggle~!strive for 4 flat in form 6.
the chances being offered by scholarships are slim,slim enough to making me stop hoping , count on them.perhaprs,i need re apply them with my stpm.
no,financial would be my biggest stumbling block for doing that.
i was not doing well enough in spm,and i would never let it happen in stpm,again.
i believed all spm leavers are totally matured up after taken their spm slip.
a slip is surely have potential to wake a drown teenage up,teenages who lost their way n drown  durin their secondary school.But if that dint,sigh then,no HOPE.

''I had failed once,and i wouldnot ever let myself fail another time.''

stpm,i do not know how scary are you as what pple telling,but  i dont care cz i will beat u down.I will try my best to maintain the determination the will power to achieve my dream.i will be a fighter!fight all the way to reach my place!to be at the place that i should be.may GOD bless me.

flapping my wings,approaching my dream,my future.