Monday, June 21, 2010


Previously in L6S1,switched to L6S2.Sincerely saying,it is very enjoyable being a student in L6S2,and today i had to leave my favourite class.T.T 
I was on pins and needles waiting to be informed whether my application to switch to art is accepted or not.As what all teachers had told me,i had the least chance to be accepted as i score quite well in science subject.(SPM)
But then,hooray!!My application is accepted by JPN lar!hehehehe!hohohohoho!
SO!i moved to art 1 straight away,with jessica,a fellow who had a dream as mine :)!yo dude:)
What a dissapointment,that class is lame,we were suffering for this very first day.
And the teacher?ugh-.- ruined my mood.==lll(i only had met few,2 in precise,obviously anticipation is declining==**)
Anyway,we are there to chase dream,not expecting a truly competent teacher and friendly classmates.
Its depend how u judge it anyway.And in form 6,we are not going to be as dependant as in form 1 to 5 thou.

I think we will isolate and alienate ourself from the others except few of others which is acceptable.
SO!here is the embark in law field after this,the nearest biggest stumbling block is we have to achieve 4 flat in stpm.If u expecting art stream is EASY,no big deal,you are WRONG!
I spent a month in science stream,so can make a fair judgement on this issue.The class i staying in now,having the package that including these subjects:
sejarah,perniagaan,Bm,PA,MUET.Do note that PA and MUET are compulsory subs.
The contains of bm astonished me -.- You know what?We have to memorise the history of bahasa melayu,the categories bla bla bla.Intrepretion of puisi all sort of thg,easy you say?salute you-.-
Next!sejarah!wow the most challenging sub among all.WHY?
4 thick books including TAMADUN DUNIA,sejarah msia,Sej Asia Tenggara,TAMADUN ISLAM.
All books are thicker than form5 text,no obj for sure,each essay ques,u need to write 2 full pages.
And we need to memorise all of that 4 thick books within this 1 and half year,and no separation of topics,all topics tested randomly** in STPM.
If i dint achive a 4 flat,there is no entry for me to take law course in gov U.
Grab this chance,perform my self.

I put my future on RISK by switching to L6A1.very limited jobs**
ANyway,i demand for ONE,only ONE.
LAW :)

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