Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How Do I look?

Talking about fashion and style, the first thing comes into my mind is MONEY.

The next two things are TIME AND PASSION.

The fourth and fifth things are KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS.

Our outfits reflect who we are and unfortunately they will not if we don't wear the right ones.

Courageous, confident and high profile ones will go for the colourful and sophisticated kind of outfit; playing a lot of mix and match. Light colours are their favourites as well to get more attention.

Down-to-earth and I-don't-give-a-damn-with-what-you-think ones will probably go for the dull colours with the least complication and details on their outfits. They'll probably go on wearing the same clothes until the holes appeared and colours faded. 
They're just simply too poor to splurge on the clothes. 

When I was in primary five or six, I had casual wears uniforms. I had specifically 2 pairs of casual wears uniforms which only costed less than RM20 each and I wore them on daily basis for around half year.

I was, well, being frugal as I was so poor and didn't bother about my appearance at all. What mattered to me that time was having fun and I had an amazing childhood because of that.

I miss my childhood from time to time although it significantly left a lot of scars of wounds on my limbs. If I were to describe my childhood with only one word, I will go for ADVENTUROUS.

To be brief, I climbed and jumped off from the trees, I built houses on the trees with banners and boxes, I gambled, I did businesses, I played marbles and rubber band made 'string', I flew kites, I wore Power Ranger costumes that made of plastics and 'bertukar' on the street, I cooked dishes out or flowers and leaves, I climbed the wall of the buildings or just anything, I purposely made myself caught in rain, I ran away from house by hiding under my bed, I fought with friends by writing their names all over places with chalks, I ran for my life when my enemy's brother brutally chased me with a wooden chair in his hand  & etc...
That's not brief after all ... hahaha!

What am I up to actually? lol I always run out of topic. I am going to post some photos that actually partially reflected and reflecting my personalities and also to show the fact that My Appearance is striving so hard to get a place in my priority list all this while.


That is me in standing in the middle that's how I dressed up back in 2008-Simple Tee goes with jeans. Look at my hair! that was the ugliest haircut ever. I was too thin and that made me looked horrible in tee-shirts.


That's me wearing the brown singlet back in 2009, still having the thick annoying fringe with better clothes.

I start wearing dresses and comb my hair more after having a boyfriend because I want to look good in front of him. It does happen to you too, right? eh don't deny come on!

2011 was my girliest year.

professional look

nicer mix and match

better top

To wrap this post up, I'm reflected as a classy, conservative, professional, friendly, energetic and cheerful green young lady. hahaha SELF-OBSESSED?!


will me my hottest year wahaha !

Network Marketing & pyramid scheme

"I know one thing that is essential to succeed in this industry: you need a unique consumable product."

''I would be on the phone sometimes until one in the morning! I would call people on the East Coast until 10p.m then I would call the people on the West Coast because their time zone was three hours behind...I was so determined to make this work that many times she(my wife) would bring me dinner, set it on desk, come back 3 hours later, it would still be sitting there untouched."
'' How high should a tree grow?" " 
As tall as it can.

"How well should a human being do?"

The best he can.

There'are so many powerful stories about ordinary men from all walks of life extraordinarily achieved their lifelong dreams by having successful network marketing business after a long struggling.

Intrinsically, they are no ordinary men.

"I never doubted myself-not even one moment, since I got into network marketing in 1978!"
"I don't let rejection bother me" 
J.K. Baker

" My goal was to be just as successful as all those people who I met in all those past network marketing meetings."

"I finally learned that to succeed in network marketing  I had to stop making excuses"
Bob Bourke 

 "I know one thing that is essential to succeed in this industry: you need a unique consumable product.Bob Burke

"The practice of pyramid system is illegal in Malaysia" 
"pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.[1][2]Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries including AlbaniaAustralia,[3][4] Austria,[5] BrazilCanada,China,[6] Colombia,[7] Denmark, the Dominican Republic,[8] Estonia,[9] FranceGermanyHungaryIceland,Iran,[10] Italy,[11] Japan,[12] Malaysia, MexicoNepal, the Netherlands,[13] New Zealand,[14] Norway,[15] thePhilippines,[16] PolandPortugalRomania,[17] South Africa,[18] SpainSri Lanka,[19] Sweden,[20] Switzerland,TaiwanThailand,[21] Turkey,[22] the United Kingdom, and the United States.[23]"

So basically, by practising this scheme, a network marketing business will expand to no where according to the statement by Bob Burke.

Me myself was being approached by my acquaintances to enrol in this kind of business before. With hesitation and doubt, I kept away the enrolment forms and had never approach any friend of mine even one as the products weren't convincing at all. They looked dusty, I don't even dare to use them, how can I introduce them to the others ?

Pyramid Scheme sounds very luring or rather will make you think earning comes a lot easier by enrolling in this business. Basically, it goes like this:

If you get one member, you'll be given a fixed commission, let say RM2.00 then that member will be your downline and you'll be his/her upline.
Every secondary downline that your primary downline gets, the commission will go to you and as well as your downline.
And it goes down like that.

calculation of income/total commission: 
(something like this as what I've briefed  before with a cup of complimentary coffee)

Each primary downline =RM 2
Each secondary downline = RM2

Let say you get 30 primary downlines and each of your downline gets 30 secondary downlines:

so total downlines of yours would be : 30 + 30 x 30 = 930 downlines

your commission: 930 x RM2 = RM1860.00/ month at the beginning

once your network expands, your secondary downlines look for tertiary downlines,here comes the calculation:

Assume that every secondary downline of yours successfully lure in 30 downlines as well, so the total downlines will be :

930 + 30X 30 = 1830 downlines

So now you will be earning RM 3,660,00 per month as the EXTRA INCOME by just letting your downlines to work their asses off to get more downlines for you, you can just sit on the couch having potato chips with your family and perhaps pick up some calls from your downlines on daily basis.

Wahh so nice right? I haveenough with the luring part now I'll go for the killing part of it: 

#Fact No. 1 The bullshitting product
This pyramid Scheme promising participants payment by getting more members or enrolment rather than providing real consumable products. So basically you can only enrol after buying the bullshitting product and then automatically become one of their members. To earn, the next thing you've to do is just to promote for enrolment with the bullshitting products.Very funny thing is that you'll never use the products at all because they're bullshitting.

If the product is not bullshitting , then basically the company is not pratising pyramid scheme.
Like Melilea, they do give points for their members who promote their products and get more members but at the bottom of it, their products are rather the unique consumable ones but not bullshitting.So the company is sustainable and legal.

#Fact No.2 You're a Piranha
Uh-huh why? Because you're actually directly earning your friends' money but not obtaining the bonus from your company as minor part of the enrolment fees that paid by your friends will go to you. Bear in mind that the product that you give to your friends or acquaintances are bullshitting ones so the fees that they pay are for the products, externally, but in actual fact, they pay for the enrolment or the hope to earn more after this by being another Piranha. If they fail to be a Piranha, they will end up paying for nothing so basically you put them at risk.

You positively will say : Oh it's a business, it's an investment. No one can guarantee you in a business. And then you lose your friends. You lose their faith and trust as well.

The owners or founders of the company would be on cloud nine as they will be the ones who earn the most and the next biggest contented earners would be the uplines while the downlines are the pitiful victims.
You may fortunely being one of the uplines and happily start to earn at the beginning but for how long will that last ?
Why would you invest so much money for the morons and devote so much time in it when it can give you nothing in the end? Okey fine it may teach you a lesson and you grow up after being enough grieving on it.

They were companies that earned up to millions by practising this scheme but ended up being sued.

#Fact No. 3 Waste time
You've to get your ass off from your couch and then spend some money for coffee to convince your friends to enrol. If you succeeded, you may earn some at the beginning, but in a long run, it would be a waste of time as you would probably end up being an inferior in this game. It's an unsustainable business. Imagine that if you put all the efforts to a highly potential network marketing business rather than this ILLEGAL BUSINESS , you may end up differently.

I personally do think that network marketing business might happen to be one of the best opportunities for you to accomplish your dreams in life and of course it has been proven to be  the medium to make any of us a dream achiever.
We have the desire of  having more control over our lives.
We wish to earn at ease.
We dream of having complete financial freedom.
Our wants and desires served as the baits for the companies that practise the pyramid scheme that  camouflage as one of the successful and dormant network marketing businesses to get you victimised.

Wake up but don't stop dreaming big.

Sometimes, failure is a good start!

I hope this post would be a good exposure to anyone who might happen to read this.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

The registration date for local universities falls on 1st and 2nd  September 2012 according to The Important Dates ( the link) thus I will fly to the west a week before the said date for a trip of Cuti-cuti Malaysia(CCM).

CCM is a good thing to do as it deters our money from flowing out to other countries besides enhancing our economical stability.  I am a patriotic citizen you know. (beaming from ear to ear) NO? :( 

The thing that makes me feels excited the most is the scrumptious local food!

So the planned route of this trip is like this:



Friday, June 15, 2012

A test to prove whether you're interested in law.


Think only is not convincing enough, you have to be sure and take a test to prove it right !

Test? is it available?

Of course it is !


NEHHH HERE !! Keep Reading... you're taking a test...

Let's discuss Road Transport Act 1987 :

''A person who drives a motor vehicle on a road without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be punished with a fine of not less than four thousand ringgit and not more than ten thousand ringgit and shall also be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months.''

The situation: Your client asked for your help as he is charged under this offence. He has decided to plead guilty in the court.
What can you do ? Convince the judge to give nominal punishment or in other better word, you will ask for mitigation on behalf of the accused.

How? Convince the judge to pass the judgment with these choices:

1) Discharging the accused under Section 173A Criminal Procedure Code or ;
2) Convicting the accused under Section 294 Criminal Procedure Code or ;
3) Convicting the accused with the minimum fine which is RM 4,000.00.

hallo bear in mind you're taking a test.......

Your job now is to understand the above-said choices.

1) Section 173A CPC

(2) When any person is charged before the court with an offence punishable by such court. and the court finds that the charge is proved, but is of opinion that, having regard to the character, antecedents, age, health or mental condition of the person charged, or to the trivial nature of the offence, or to the extenuating circumstances under which the offence was committed, it is inexpedient to inflict any punishment or any other than a nominal punishment or that it is expedient to release the offender on probation, the court may, without preceding to record a conviction, make an order either-

(a) dismissing the charge or complaint after an admonition or a caution to the offender as the court seems fit; or
(b) discharging the offender conditionally on his entering into a good bond with or without sureties, to be good behaviour and to appear for the conviction to be recorded and for sentence when called upon at any time during such period, not exceeding three years, as may be specified in the order.

2) Section 294 CPC

(1) When any person not being a youthful offender has been convicted of any offence punishable with imprisonment before any court if it appears to the Court that regard being had to the character, antecedents, age, health or mental condition of the offender or to the trivial nature of the offence or to any extenuating circumstances under which the offence was committed it is expedient that the offender be released on probation of good conduct, the court may instead of sentencing him at once to any punishment, direct that he be released on his entering into a bond with or without sureties and during such period as the court may direct to appear and receive judgment if and when called upon and in the meantime to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

3) minimum fine

According to the definition, the minimum fine is four thousand.

Your client's side of story:

The deceased (victim) was aged 70, was the pedestrian who crossed the road suddenly when your client was driving on his rightful land. Your client knocked into him and he deceased on the spot.
Your client is 60 years old, has never involved in any major accidents, retired and has no income.

Now, are the three of the choices above are applicable in this case? If so, why? Think.

Your result of the test!!!MUST READ.

If you're thinking then it proves that you're interested in law some how;
if you don't even bother to read the whole thing and skip here and there, you're not qualified to study law;
if you diligently take out your dictionary, oh god, i love you, please be my coursemate;
if it makes you feel sleepy, go take a nap and choose another course to study;
if you're able to FULLY understand the whole thing without having to re-read, god you're a genius in this field.

You can drop a comment to know MY REASONS.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm healthy and that is more than enough

I spent around 20 hours at Emergency and Pediatric Departments of General Hospital today. I saw a lot of patients and kids with all kind of illnesses. Seeing them lying down on the beds with the unbearable pain, I feel that everyone who lives healthily out there is of utmost luckiness. You might be a peasant, a single parent, a jobless man, a divorced wife, an abandoned child or whosoever, still, you're lucky enough to be able to fight for your own future; you're lucky enough to be able to do something that you want to do.
At least, you're not the one who can do nothing when your health has been taken away. Appreciate what you've. 

You might have nothing but never forget you're HEALTHY

Don't waste that gift;It might be taken away at any time. :') Pray Hard for all of our friends who are fighting against illnesses and diseases at this very moment.

#Baby, I know you're strong enough to retrieve your health, right? 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


前天在书展买了三本书,现在读着的是 《FBI教你读心术》


Monday, June 4, 2012



Saturday, May 26, 2012

Can We Make a Joke Out of a Lawsuit? Yes No?

This is something that I recapitulated from a Blog.

A pedestrian sued a driver for his dangerous, careless and reckless driving that caused him to be hospitalized for  a week.

The Plaintiff      :  A pedestrian
The Defendant :  A driver

During the closing speech, the advocate for the defendant said:

 During the material time, the defendant drove with caution and attention. He have been driving for 30 years but never done anything that against the traffic rules or involved in any accident, not even ever gotten a traffic summon before this.

The advocate for the Plaintiff retorted: 

Since my learned friend brought up this matter, I must further emphasize that the Plaintiff has been a pedestrian for 70 years and never get crashed by any car before ...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lame Joke

Early in the morning, my boy messaged me : I am in the hospital now.
I got so anxious and tried to call him but my hand-phone annoyed me by being malfunctioning.
Oh God, Come On Leh?
I managed to call him after a few mins later and he told me :

 "I dabao my breakfast at the hospital just now."

LOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL ?! So dramatic right? 
Do me a favor,  slap him for gazillion times. 

Done? my turn to do my job-

which is to sayang him. HAHAHA.
 Excuse me for being too sweet. 

Good Night ! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

UKM Bachelor of Law Interview

I was invited by Faculty of Law of UKM to an interview at Riverside Majestic Hotel. There were 33 of us from all over Sarawak including Sarikei, Miri, Sibu and Kuching District who are the graduates of matriculation, Diploma and STPM.

PART 1 : 



1.Please introduce yourself.
2.Why did you apply for law?
3.Why UKM?
4.Why you ranked UM as your first choice while UKM as the second in your application?
5.If you're rejected by us, will you appeal and why?
6.How would you promote yourself?
7.What is legal profession?
8.Which act or law that we have today that you would like to amend and why?
9.If you're being offered a seat both by UKM and UM, which would you choose?
 and lastly at the close of the interview: They asked: ANY QUESTION?

Monday, May 21, 2012


Let's talk about the law firm I am working at.The first week was very exhausting, hectic  and exciting at the same time. The former clerk was leaving, so, many ongoing cases were left to me. It was confusing because they were still very new to me. She shared her knowledge that I've to crammed with in a very limited time.

She is a best friend of mine. We were in the same class since primary one until form 5. She is now having schooling spree in Taiwan. Salute her for the fees and costs incurred are solely paid by her own. 
I am assigned to do all kind of work ranging from fighting with the photocopy machine to preparing legal documents. When I am bored, I would do the cleaning too.


1.Photocopying documents and cornering them with proper corners. We've two types of corners:stamped with our pigeon hole number and printed with the firm's name. The ones stamped with pigeon hole number will only be used for litigation cases which means the cases that brought to the courts.

2.Make Corners: Corners refer to the triangular-shaped folded paper that hold the left edge of our document. We would first insert the corners to the edge of the papers and stapler them right on the corner. The Corners are made out of ordinary colour papers with different colours. The papers are cut into small pieces and then folded into triangular shape to perfectly fit into the edge.

3.Filling: So here come the troublesome thing. I've to file documents accordingly into their files and they're so many of them. I've to look for the files at our master cupboard, lawyers' offices and the small cabinet. Sometimes, I would pace back and forth in the office just to search a file.

4.Tame the stupid photocopy machine. Nah this ain't easy. I am now quite professional at it.  There're so many functions that you've to learn and master with. I think it's fun though haha. 

5.Binding. I bind documents too. Once I bind over thousands papers into sets of documents. It took hours because I've to bind the papers bit by bit. It was fun to know how to use the tiny machine to easily open up the ring so that we can easily fit in papers or remove papers into/from the rings.

6. Filling documents to the courts. For litigation cases, every single document needs to be filed in court. So I'll help the lawyers to prepare Preacipes which function as the receipt/invoice/statement for payment purpose together with the cheques/cash and assign our dispatch to file em in the related courts.

7.Servicing documents. Upon filling, I'll prepare the cover letters to be attached with the documents for service. Service here means send out the duly executed and filed documents to the counterparts. ( advocates & defendants/plaintiff)

8.Preparation and execution of documents. I learn to produce legal documents too like tenancy agreement, affidavit, summons and so on. Then call up our clients and commissioner for affirmation.   

9. Adjudication and stamping. Some documents needs to be adjudicated through the official website and then upon approval of the docs, I will print out the notice and send the docs for stamping at the office. 
My former colleague, Betty.

10.Conducting Bankruptcy search, Vehicle Search, Land Search and other related searches.

11.Picking up calls and following up cases through calls and letters.

12.Paying all kind of bills. Nah I only do the paperwork and the calling. The rendering of the bills is done by our dispatch.

13.Sending out the documents by Courier, ordinary post, registered post or A.R Register Post. Each one has its own way.

14.Researching&scrutinizing: I do research on related cases for certain cases. Reported or unreported judgments that written by the judges are needed to support the points or facts that our lawyers intend to point out to the judge. To do this,  I need Caffeine. Research is done by logging into the official websites and looking up the available law books.

15.Ordering stationery and items for the upkeep of office.

16.Witnessing the lawyers showing their amazing and awing skills in the courts.

17. Loaning: So far I fully handled two loan cases. From receiving Letter of Offer to full draw down of the loans, it took months. The whole process involving receiving the LO, adjudicating and stamping, drafting and editing documents, doing amendments, preparing documents, execution of documents, presentation and registration of documents, requesting related documents, conducting land searches and so on.

The End.

I shall proceed my reading of a judgment on an appeal of criminal case by the sentenced defendant- rape& statutory rape. 

Through my blog, I wish to spur anyone who is contemplating to study law to work in a law firm to get suffice exposure and understanding in this field . I always believe that when we're young, we work to glean experience and knowledge but not to earn. I am not given salary but only allowance that only enough to cover my expenses on transportation and meals for my attachment. Don't be picky and get a job! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012


How would you classify your choices?
Good Bad Important Trivial Once in a life time Shouldn't be missed ...
I would classify mine into Right and Wrong.
To make big decisions is not easy.
It's very burdensome as we know whatever decision we make later on will make a big difference.
To ease the burden of making a choice, I would listen to my deepest feelings.
I am no longer the just-do-it kind of person. I would ponder to make a right choice or decision on big matters.
I want to make a difference with my life. I want to try to live my everyday like there's no tomorrow.
Therefore, I am adhering to the principle of Never Do Something that I Don't Feel Wanting to 
Do. I want to spend my each day without any regret or sadness, even the fragments of 'em.
Everyday is so precious.
Every second is so invaluable.
I'll never let myself to live someone else's life like I would do before.
Spend an hour to watch this video. It'll influence your perceptions towards the world, the way you look at your problems or it would even change your life, entirely. It's so influential .

Friday, May 18, 2012

Education v Business

I was sitting in exhaustion in a bus and trying my best to avoid from having physical contact with a middle aged man beside me who occupied about one and the half of the seat. :/
He stood up and moved to back while mumbling about things that no one could understand. Everyone was looking at him awkwardly carrying bags out of the back seat. I assumed those filled plastic bags were smelly since everyone he passed through covered their noses and bitterly stared at him.
It was so odd when he talked to me and I could say nothing apart from nodding and said yes.
Even weird was that he never stopped talking.
He got down from the bus and another female had his seat then.
Her name was Sandra , aged almost triple of my age but astonishingly looked energetic and attractive.
We started to chat about our jobs, education, family backgrounds and so on.
She told me she worked her ass off to get the trustworthy and secure position in her current working place which is a big business company.
For us who aren't borne from a super rich family, we are very aware of the fact that we've to put in a lot of effort to support and increase the financial stability of our family.
To enjoy life, we've to work independently as there's no one we can rely on other than ourselves.
But then, the contention and satisfaction that we would get can beat everything.
I study my ass off to get a scholarship to pursue my studies and yet there're so many teens out there study like it is nothing because they don't have to work hard to get it so they take 'em for granted. They have forgotten that their parents have to work their asses off to let 'em to study in the colleges.
The fees cost a comb and they make them unworthy.
I would take education as a form of investment for our future. That's why everyone kinda realized that fact and want to get a certificate to have a secured future.
But still, sadly, they're many unemployed graduates out there.
I always wonder that if you spend a lot in education like more than 100 k or something , did you ever think about the fact that you would have spent years to earn back the money you've invested in education?
I always think that if you can get yourself educated or highly educated with the least investment, you'll save and earn a lot more.
The rule of business can be applied here-Low expenses will lead to high profits. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


网友说当时CO CHAIRMAN,DR.S.AMIGA宣布叫大家离开要结束集会后警员才利用TEARGAS.因此我和她都为此感到懊恼,都解散了为什么还要利用催泪瓦斯呢?DR.S. AMIGA  ALLEGEDLY来了一句:I COULDN’T CONTROL THE SUPPORTERS.所以有可能有一部分的继续利用暴力不肯离开所以警方才逼不得已利用有着暂时性伤力的催泪瓦斯.就这样也让无辜的人一起中伤。这是一种对作恶的示威者的惩罚,那利用暴力滥用权力的的警员呢?谁来处置他们?(HOME MINISTER: WE’RE INVESTIGATING.
因为在Dataran Merdeka 游行会带来不堪设想的后果,政府已下令让游行示威者在别处游行却被拒绝了,那这又是谁的错呢?如果两方你让一步我让一步也许下场就不会那么糟糕。利用催泪瓦斯是政府的意愿吗?政府的动机是什么?这次游行示威者的动机又是什么?是善是恶?内情又是这么?真相又是什么?我们旁观者什么都不知道凭什么说谁对谁错?凭良心
这都是THE CONSEQUENCES ! 现在大家都纷纷讨论着谁要为此付上责任,你怪我我怪你。是不是怪了其中一方就叫讨回公道?就可以当什么事都没发生?是不是就叫解决此事?
The freedom that we have, to certain extent, is undisputable. We’ve the right to speak up and demonstrate but the privilege comes with terms and conditions. We’ve rules to follow, we’ve regulations to obey. Freedom doesn’t mean we can do anything without thinking the consequences or repercussions. Regarding this assembly, it’s detrimental to our national securities and interests. It’s not easy to achieve the balance between these two aspects with the rights and freedom that Malaysians possess. I wonder after all of these effects or sacrifices, the injuries and damages, is this assembly has achieved its goals? I don’t know and who can actually tell? One thing that can calms us down is that the concerns and submissions that expressed by the Bersih group have been addressed by Parliamentary Select Committee. I hope it would bring out a positive change and improvement for our country. It is a challenge for the authorities to implement the recommendations and if they succeed, this demonstration would at least mean something after it has taken its tolls.
To wrap my shits up, I am on the view that the persons to be blamed are not the entire team of the police force but some of the undisciplined ones. Same goes with the demonstrators, we should not blame the chairman or the entire demonstrators but only some of which aggressive, reckless and irresponsible.(我们不可以偏盖全.) Merely because I believe there’re part of the policemen that intended to care for the welfare of the country and the people. All they wanted was just to play their roles and carry out their duties. I do also believed that part or most of the innocent demonstrators were just intended to demand for a positive change. To most of them, the violence wasn’t intentional at all. But then, there’re always unpredictable side effects of anything.
To the people, we’ve to be grateful for everything that we have. Just like what Dr. Ongkili has said, we should count our blessings as there are not many countries that they could truly call home like Malaysia with all the stability, progress and peace that we enjoy.
If you’re so passionate and enthusiastic about the positive change of our country, don’t show them through irrationality, anger or madness because after all we’re a family. Peacefulness always comes first. We’re civilized people; let’s do things with the correct ways.
『就念在大家是一家人的份上,let bygones be bygones. I hope this could somehow lessen your disappointment my friend. We’ve to always listen to the both sides to before going for the discretion. 我相信两方都有苦衷啊!把那根刺留在心里只是在折磨自己啊,尽早把它给拔掉吧!』