Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have you ever or never thinking of taking form 6?

I had just finished my lower 6.Sincerely,I am happy to be here.It’s far better than what I had ever imagined,I feel far contented than what I had ever expected.

I was reluctantly accept the fact the I need to stay for form 6.It’ like,omigod!another 2 years at this boring place?arghhh,how am I going to spend my 6th and 7th schooling year at here.All of those devastating thoughts stuck me for nonstop,making me felt really depressed.After a short period of being grunchy,I turned to be optimistic.

‘Oh fine Janise,you still can achieve what u want through form 6’..’U will be just fine’…’look,you just gotta set another goal to make your form 6 meaningful and fanstatic…’..blah blah

The reluctancy and depression just waned then.

Let moving abit further in backward motion.

1.I am so proud to be one of 2010 JPA scholarship interviewees. I never expected more,really.I know how far I can go with my average good result.(1A+,3A,6A-,1B+,1 B)By the way, amongst my friend,only one hit it.It likes aint that easy.she got 12A+.ha!

2.Another proud thing,listed to be Star Scholarship Interview,at KL.I was shrieking,exactly.Omigod!Brickfield Asia College,the top law school in Msia!I called them and asked for a phone interview,things went quite smoothly until I told my dad about it-A deep dissaproving frown on his face.I guessed it was due to the coverage of the scholarship,tuition fee only.

‘But dad,it is my dream school…and free tuition fee….’…no,I never told him so..just sumthing that I kept in my heart that really making me sad.I dint even went for phone interview,I just suddenly felt all of these were meaningless.Money money money ,the biggest stumbling block ever.But I gotta admit,I dint fight for it.Which I still feeling regretful until now.But then what done is done,just need to remedy it by moving on :)

Fine,find other alternative,told myself…..

3.I got Segi High Achiever Scholarship without needed to attend interview or complicated processes.Declined due to many many confidential reasons,and I don’t really wish to be there,don’t know W H Y .

So here am I .Form 6.
The current school I attending is not fancy and popular or well-known school like st.joseph..scared heart or whichsoever that has good achievement in STPM each year.But at least,is the best school in kota samarahan area.I should be proud of it.
I started my fabulous first month by rushing charity campaigne.One of thingys that make feel I would never regret to be here.And projects come after project,I promised!A-ha!

In my mind right now,I wanaa strive to be the first 4 flat achiever to make myself and school proud and be known.It's not that easy as we never successfully produce one before,yet stpm is hard alrite..anyway,strive my heart out !

A small secret to share,i aim for UM,Law.Qualification need:NGMP 4.00 + a minimum Band 5.

I believe,wherever we are,as long as we have the passion,we will SHINE.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If you make a mistake,please dont punish the baby

 *This not exactly same as the,re-examine the hiden meaning.

I felt like wanting to kill when i heard the news of dumping baby this evening,a baby boy's dead body found at the river.He was believed being throwned**(he is not rubbish wtf*) in the river and afloating for day/day(s) before stuck by a wood.A man who was fishing found him when attempting to get his fished fish.

What the hell people are punishing their babies for their wrong doing.There are uncountable ways or alternatives to deal with the problem.Since you are daring enough to commit the sex offences(underage sex),then why not brave enough to take the responsiblity to raise the baby?!Or even if you are not ready or not afford to do so,fine,give the baby to the authorities,but NOT leave them to DIE.

'It is normal to have sexual desire,if you dont have,then you are abnormal'Quotes from Mdm Matron who working as a nurse for over 30 yrs,35 to be exact.

Yes,everyone of us have sexual desire.But we have to control it.
Do it at the right time with the right way.

Babies are born to be loved,they dont deserve the death penalty that given by their parents.

Baby:Am i born to be rubbish?throwned in rubbish bin,beside the river.......WHY mummy?Why you do this to me?...

Man and woman,you are sacrificing a LIFE with a short term enjoyment and satisfaction.
How FUN and AWESOME is that HUH?HUMAN?Or shall i call you ANIMAL?(you are not even deserve to be called as animal)

Woman,you have the right to choose,dont you?
Please keep the God's child alive no matter what.It is tough,yes indeed it is.But tell yourself,
whatever it takes,just keep him/her alive.

First thing,take it positively alright :)
You are pregnant,it is not the end of the world right?Even if the man refuses to take responsiblity(fail a case,sue him!),be a strong mother.

Now i sound like a counselor encouraging a young mom to not go for abortion or dump her babies,haha!
And the reader,if your friend or even your classmate is pregnant in very young age,dont disdain her as if she done the dirtiest thg in life!Cheer for her!
Give her strength!GO GO GO be a good mother,alright?Cheer!=)

Next thing i wanna share with you my dearest reader(s),


The abortionist used large forceps to crush the baby inside the mother's uterus and remove it in pieces.


Control your sexual desire
if failed to,fine,take precautions!(I am not encouraging owkay!)
pregnant already?Be a strong healthy mother =)

say NO to abandoning babies or abortion!

Babies are the most defenseless citizens.Protect them!
Dont hurt them,you bastard!_)(*&^%$^&*(

Babies are so so CUTE !Dont you think so ??

They are the perfect gift from GOD.=)

In relation:
Msia-Age of sexual consent:

Sunday, November 14, 2010


只剩下明天的历史试卷一(TAMADUN DUNIA),过后就耶耶考试结束,假期开始了!多么地开心,拼了几个月,现在中算可以轻松的做想做的事!不过,玩归玩,在这假期里,得好好打算,计划好要完成的事情,玩够了后,又得开始为自己的课业打拼了。

不断地告诉自己,要加油,要坚持,不管遇到了怎么样的挫折,也得积极面对。很感谢身边的朋友,还有呗比,为我分担压力,你们的陪伴,让这半年的FORM 6 过得很充实,真的。在这短短的半年,时间真的过得很快,快得我记不起每日的日期。(其实是我健忘)让我觉得最有成就感的不是我在课业上所拿到名次,而是我所举办的Children Cancer Fund Raising Campaigne,办得相当成功。这当然也得感谢其他委员的付出以及学生们的支持。能抽到四千六白多块(已捐给Swak Children's Cancer Society),的确感到意外,毕竟只是中学LEVEL的筹款活动,我很感动,非常感动。

上个月,我和其他七位同学代表学校参加了Mencare support on Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop.它是一项非常有意义的活动,主要是教育我们对乳癌的认识。如今,乳癌是非常严重的一种病,可说是国家的第一杀手(女生)。在各种癌症里面(针对女人),乳癌占据三十五巴仙,为最高机率。乳癌并不只是发生在女人生上,在沙洲里,已证实了八个男人患上乳癌的案件,其两个患者已死亡。可怕吧?所以大家得做提防,因为有可能我们是下一位患者。不过。对我来说,这种癌症不能被完全提防,因为毕竟有很多因素可导致乳癌,所以我觉得能做的就是时时警惕,常做breast cancer self-examination.通过它,能早点发现这个病。早一点发现,就拥有更大的生存机会。第一期的乳癌,患者拥有八十八仙的生存机率,相当的高。我相信,尤其是少年,都会不知道我所说的self-examination是么来的。在这我也无法解释得很清楚,不过你可以GOOGLE 它 :)



明年,我们打算举办同类的活动给FORM 5 &6 学生,传达给他们我们所得到的知识。
第二,我想举办校内才艺比赛,把抽到的钱,一部分捐给Federation of Family Planning Associations FFPAM Sarawak,as their budget in holding cancer's workshop to students like us.


想知道关于Breast Cancer Self-Exam,请点击这里:

An informative blog about breast cancer:

Sunday, November 7, 2010


This blog is being abandoned for weeks.Oh Great.
Need some relaxations,here i come.
Having exam,another week to go.
Feeling tremendous stress and tension due to high hope and expectation.
Bad mood.Damn bad mood.
how am i going to score NOW?
Ah darn.try my best,thats it!