Friday, June 18, 2010

Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad

Oh ya,stop wondering,we are going to talk about ours fouth prime minister today.And let start with introduction about him that i copied from wikipedia.

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad born 10 July 1925[1]) (Jawi:محتير بن محمد) was the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia. He held the post for 22 years from 1981 to 2003, making him Malaysia's longest-serving Prime Minister, and one of the longest-serving leaders in Asia.[2] Mahathir's political career spanned almost 40 years, from his election as a Malaysian federalMember of Parliament in 1964, until his resignation as Prime Minister in 2003.
As Prime Minister, he was credited with engineering Malaysia's rapid modernisation.[3] During his term in office, he was considered by some as one of Asia's most influential leaders.[4] Mahathir was also widely known as an outspoken critic of Western-style globalization.
I stumble acrossed his blog,and i read the whole post that he wrote to show the agreement towards the fact uttered by professor Madya Dr Azmi Sharom, A lecturer in law of UM.Saying that Dr Mahathir is unmature based on what he had spoken.

''Sebenarnya tidak ada apa-apa, itu hanya untuk menakutkan orang Melayu sahaja kerana tidak mungkin kaum terbesar di negara ini boleh menjadi minoriti di negara sendiri.

"Kalau kita lihat secara realistiknya, orang Melayu masih lagi menjadi majoriti 
dalam semua aspek jadi mustahil untuk menjadi minoriti," katanya.

read what he wrote:Dr mahathir's blog
In brief,he was agreed what professor had said in some ways.
I got no idea upon this case.Have to admit that i failed to keep abreast of recent news that happening in msia as well as other countries.Anyway,The point that i would like to emphasize is that i adore leader that wiling to take the full responsiblity to what he had done or said or similars.Believe or not,its take alots to do so.DUE TO SO CALL PRIDE.Being a leader in clubs in school, i deal with my school's principal   oftenly.I encountered a lot unfavourable situation.And after lots of analysis cracking my head wondering WHY and WHY.I realised one thing,ok he is so care about his 'FACE'.dIrect translation from chinese** which refer to pride/dignity.Somehow,his definition or views upon this might be wrong someway.Im sure u must be thinking that who am i to say so or think so.Hey fellow,i said i DEALED with him in countless time,and this is my personal thoughts anyway,no offensive intention.

So in a nutshell,on my point of view,being a leader,without having the ability to reflect her/his ownself,he/she is a failure.self-sense is important before lead others.And this is what i am trying to practise so badly.(i do have it bt sumtime i dont)

 real leader faces the music, even when he doesn't like the tune.

Leaders must be tough enough to fight, tender enough to cry, human enough to make mistakes, humble enough to admit them, strong enough to absorb the pain, and resilient enough to bounce back and keep on jesse jackson

' A loser say hundred of excuses,A winner say zero of excuse'

And this kind of leader impressed me :

Follower:hey we cant do this??how??how about we cancell the whole thing?
Follower two:hey!come on!we face alot of obstacles how?
Follower 3:see?!We had tried ours best and somehow that irritating decision maker bann us.DARN1
Follower 4:could you say something?we all in max anger now.How we going to deal with it?
LEADER:ok i understand,calm and get thing right,here the solution,first we need to......and then........
please dont say no before we have a try or else we will keep wonder why!ok!now!get up and do you works.We do expect obstacles before we start this,Now we just have to fix it!ok?!people!**grinned.

Do u see the difference between follower and leader?im not trying to tell that followers are loser,just giving an irony.

The strongest will be the survivor.
The survivor will be the conqueror.

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