Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm sick :/

I did not attend class today.When i woke up in the morning,i felt very weak and I can hardly open my tightly shut eyelids.
I walked wobbly and tumbled down the stairs.Scratches were formed at my right elbow and ankle.
That was when U saw my mom and I said...
'Mom,I am not going.I dont' want to go to school.'
Once I finished my sentence,I straight away strode to my room and continue my sleep blissfully.
I 've not taken enough sleep for many days already.
Therefore,I thought I really need to skip today's class.If not,I would feel even worse tomorrow.
I knew it was not an legitimate nor acceptable accuse.But It was a good measure to prevent my health condition from worsening right ? =P
In add,I would be having extra class in the afternoon.TOTALLY TIDAK MAHU.I would be sleeping,most properly,ummp No,I meant certainly.
And most importantly,today's lessons were not important and they usually ended unproductively.
______________________________________AFTER A 7 HOURS SLEEP a.k.a BEAUTY SLEEP...

Yeah,I feel energetic !!
So,I did a little bit of revision on my business studies and some analyses on past years STPM'S business papers just now.
And now,I've to get back to work.

Bye ! =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

What they've told you is not necessarily TRUE.

Walt Disney

The creator of Mickey Mouse,Disneyland and the Walt Disney Company was once fired from his job because he was told that he lacked creativity and imagination.

Orville Wright

Wilbur Wright

When Oville and Wilbur Wright announced their goal to invent the first airplane,scientists and notables told them that their task was impossible.Lord Kelvin ,President of Royal Society,said:'Heavier than air flying machines are impossible.

They will not achieved what they had achieved if they believed what others told them.

Stay Indefatigable and never let others make you feel weak.Continue what you're doing in spite of unpleasant remarks that you've heard.

Accept and treat criticism as constructive opinion.

Sunday, July 10, 2011



前天,I acted like a professional photographer and tried to capture good shots with borrowed digital SLR/DSLR Canon camera.
Really luxuriate deep into it-the process and the result of capturing.

It's simply captivating !

除了相机,我也很想拥有elegant-looking leather handbag and wallet.

$ 128 


接触有关法律的工作能让 我得到一个肯定,看看我是不是真的适合以及喜欢这行。
这场战,我 输 不 起。