Thursday, July 1, 2010


The main purpose to post this photo is to show my writing is attractive and neat xD joke**.Secondly,i am divulging my daily activity that is write thousands of words everyday,used up over 10 sheets of foolscaps.
Recall how i spent my days in science stream,i used to be spending most of the time cracking my brain to solve mathematical questions like math and physic,as well as chem.And now,no joke,but i copy uncountable facts everyday.Should i consider it as advantage or disadvantage.apparently BOTH.Copying doesnt need alot of thinking and analysing,thus i manage to finish my homework faster compare to math that i could even spend 2 hrs to solve one long question.But nah,seriously,art is not easy as what people always described ,so i am not going to take it easy and will strive as hard as what i had done in science class previously.
Start from tomorrow,i will drive to school everyday.I need to devote my time and affords to control the 4 wheels vehicle early in the morning.hehe,tell you,i ever doze off while driving before,which i was really tired,exhausted.Luckily,i am still ALIVE -.- to spend my time beneficially,i would play the tracks of MUET'S listening disc to train my listening skills while driving :D
As a member of spotcheck group,need to arrive school at 6.15am.wake up at 5.00am.Depart at 5.40am due to the distance between school and house is dreadfully long.

List of obligations :

a)complete 6 historical essays within a week
b)publicise the LOVE BRINGS HOPE campaign to students and teachers
c)deal with swak children cancer society as apparently issues are occured
d) be prepared to be emcee of minggu koperasi and speech of cancer awareness's campaign
e)publicise the dance club,enrolment and registration
f)check my logbooks(scouting) 
h)start revision to get ready for aug exam
i)get ready for ujian sikap(KING SCOUT) by train up those skills

Reminder:All these are needed to be completed before end of aug.

An initiative to brush up english to  achieve good grade in MUET for speaking section:


speak english EVERYDAY
speak english to EVERYONE


I wonder why some people dont go for something that they are more suitable with,and instead of doing that,they seem to be more enjoy by challenging themself to indulge in something that totally propelling with their personality.I am totally disagree with this of course,i personally think this will lead to unfavourable ending in the future.Think it properly before deciding,its may affect and destine your whole life.Sometimes,talents and abilities are much more important than dreams.

example:you like to sing and you start dreaming to be a singer.
BUT,your voice is horrible.
DOESNT MAKE SENSE.though its a dream,but you shud thnk of do you capable and competent to be the one?

example 2:You like first aid and start dreaming to be a doctor in the future.
BUT,you failed in science and couldnot even understand what the heck umbilical cord is.
You wish to kill the patient then you go for a cert illegally and start killing.

example 3:You wish to earn a lot of money with fastest way and eventually you start dreaming to be a businessman.
BUT,you cant even speak well or communicate well.You dont have the leadership neither the qualities of enterprising and socialising.You want to be the first businessman that even tumble and shiver when talking to public,GO AHEAD LA.

NO OFFENCE.My mindset is getting more realistic.
these are just my opinions,how about yours?agree?disagree?why?
anticipate a feedback from YOU .THANK YOU.:)

Law:A msian has the right to speak unless it is a sensitive issue.

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