Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ah Lian

People call me AH LIAN,but i fullfilling non of the 'Ah Lian' Characters.

Ah Lian is a hokkien term.Click the link below to know more about the definition of Ah Lian :

From the two sources above,can be concluded that Ah Lian is a gurl that so not fashioned and up-to-date but act to be the one.Has absolutely no compelling personality,talk loudly,no manners n others similars.

certainly im not like that 

You must be wondering why they call me such name..i fullfill non of them.well....
 my dear mom gave me that nickname,call me that since im born to a planet so call earth.Certainly,she does not know the definition of that term which is so unpleasant.
My chinese name is : 小莲,so,that obviously shown you hw i get the name.

I cant change the nickname which given my my mom,instead of asking pple stop calling me that,i should try to manisfest a totally dfren kind of ah lian!special one huh?as if its really sounds special-.-

I am...
well educated Ah lian
well dressed Ah lian

I am an Ah lian who...
do not speak foul language
do not speak broken english
do not speak loudly in public to get attention of my presence (unless its a speech/talk etc)
do not put on thick make up

In a nutshell,i am an Ah Lian who is so different with other ah lian.

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