Sunday, July 25, 2010


I am no longer single anymore since 21 July.And guess what,that will be our anniversary and my dad's birthday as well.How am i going to celebrate both important events in one day?Tell you next year on the same date.So,another reason why u should continue read my blog.Such a tricky writer here XD

He is so great that i wish to be in his arms for my whole life.He is so special that i couldnt even think one of the reason to let him go.yea so that's him.You can sense how jolly am i to be with him.
Babe,I heart you :)

Next,28 july 2010 is the last day of the campaign.means this campaign is almost come to the end.

For the three consecutive saturdays,my dance group go to studio for rehearsaling for kchg fest show.
Is so headache with our outfit!!haiz.
And somemore,we are training ourself to dance with high heel.It is pretty suffering X(
Anyway,goodluck to us.
see u on 4 august :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Exploration of SEJARAH

The very first time i fully luxuriate in historical world.It happened today,Msia history subject.My group which consists of 4 members presented the topic of penentangan di Pahang.It was a last minute preparation for me,as i totally forgot about this presentation.I spent about 15 minutes to read through and try to memorise it.My performance was out of the blue.I manage to explain without refering to text!smirking**And  i managed to make it sounds like story!Contented with my group.Jessica did quiet well too.And all these eventually forming unexplainable passion in our heart to explore SEJARAH.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I should not being so emotional and easily affected by small matters.
sorry to my lovely bloggy and my readers that forced to listen to my whines and grumbles.
I should learn how to control my emotion and conquer it.
Express my appreciation to my lovely brother who had reminded and alerted me to be not forgotten who i am after achievements or whateverthg that made me proud of myself.
Be humble and not TOO OVER promote ownself and drown into it.ok dear,i get it :]
And congratulations to din lin and hong hin who had being offered to pursue education courses recently in kl.
goodluck :]]]]

Recently addicted to girl's generation dances and songs.They are superb dancers!
I heart them :)
Going to perform their dance at kchg fest nightly entertainment,4 august.-
And also Run Devil Run,bt i am not involved as have no enough time to master the steps :) goodluck to other ladies members :)

2 members had left  and replaced by two newly choosen competent dancers.
Currently,nine members in our team-The Ladies :)


suffer from mild myalgia these days,due to over streaching of muscles.Training and rehearsing for shows continuosly for hrs in a day,it was indeed tired but FUN  :) Stayed at school until evening last friday and had spent 6 hrs in max studio yesterday.

Next Show : 4 AUGUST 2010
Venue:kuching festival

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


MUET stands for Malaysian University English Test.There are four components in MUET: Listening(800/1)-(45 scores),
Speaking(800/2)-(45 scores) 
Reading(800/3)-(120 scores)
Writing(800/4)-(90 scores).
Total:300  mrks

The scores are graded in 6 Bands,with band 6 as highest and band 1 the lowest.
Band 1 :below 100
Band 2:101-139
Band 3:140-179
Band 4:180-219
Band 5:220-259
Band 6:260-300

I think i am somewhere in between band 3,high band 2,i guess? (I am humble XD )
I havent undergo the test yet,as still in lower 6.Intensely curious which standard am i.I know same goes with you too,right ?ahaha.
Dont worry,i will proclaim it here,just stay with me.haha.Smirking ><

My target is band 5.Oh no i should say i need to achieve at least band 5.I guess you know why ?check it out at my profile intro there :) 
Move on.An amusing story to share here.In precise,i am dishing the dirt hahahaha.
My competent MUET teacher,Mdm Cheong asked a question to us after we had finished our task B/discussion in Speaking section.

She asked:so,what do you think?is it hard or easy?
Instantly,about 98 percent of us replied with a YES and nodding for non-stop.
Except the one and only one,miss annoying classmate:Nola,EASYYYYYYYY

WE all were stunned.Wth this silly classmate,engsuckslikewhatsaiditiseasy?!something wrong with her brain.neurones transmitted the signals

Jessica and i retorded:wahhh somebody is going to get band 6 wooohh,proud of her eh!

Obviously,it is a sarcastic remark.She is too arrogant and no self-sense to  me.With her standard,she dares to look down and criticize others.What an imprudent student.ashame.Dont she know how to pay others some respect instead of showing off?BTW,she doesnt possessed any abilities to impress off tak tahu ape benda.LOL
fed up with her arrogant and disdainful behaviour.That's why she appeared in my blog.TWICE for instant.

Back to topic,MUET.I think that it is a challanging test especially for us who do not practise english since young.,who have own mothertough.Toward this,teacher advocates us to speak in english everyday :) And  i am trying ..need sometimes to get used it.Bye bye mandarin,i only have approximately half yrs to brush up my poor english.feeling guilty for sacrificing you   haha X) For the sake of my future,please forgive me,miss mandarin ohaha!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I pondered and excogitated,decided to be active in dancing again :)
Hope i manage to cope this club just like previously.
First thing i need to do,is train myself.
Friends and trainer complained about my dancing NOW.yea i cant dance as good as last time after temporarily stopped .
I will try my best 




From a SHEER IDEA,turned into a VISION and finally it is under implementation...
At here,i want to express my gratitude to everyone who directly and indirectly helped in implementing this project.
I am grateful and thankful for having a great team,Without u all,there's no way to implement such tremendous charity event.From deep in  my heart,THANK YOU.I am touched,i am pleased,i am glad for having u guys:

Kiew Kim Lin

You told me you're very happy when promoting our campaign to those students.I am glad you do enjoyed from it.You feel guilty in some ways as you need to be commited in prefect team and failed to devote your time with us.BUT!Sincerely,you have DONE the best for this campaign.I feel IT!i do feel the passion in YOU.and You'RE wiling to handle those tasks and obligations though you are so busy with your other works.Whatever  tasks i distributed to you,you nvr complain or sigh,instead,It always an OK uttered from your mouth,and do in all on time.THANK YOU KIM.YOU ARE GREAT!:D

Kevin Tchee

Hooi pek hun -.- You know what,i felt guilty and pityful whenever i call u early in the morning to wake you up.Because of this campaign,U sacrificed you valuable sleeping hrs.Sometimes,I wake u up a little bit late than usual,it is because i want you to slp a little bit more :) ...(As you always appear to be tired and exhausted xD)..I am touched when i realised how important this campaign to you that you even alerted in sleep bz of it.You woke up automatically bcz YOUR MIND ask you to get up and take the hp at outside and place it under ur pillow in case you CANT hear the ringing sounds when i call you to wake u up.
THANK YOU KEVIN.THANK YOU....It does means a lot to me.And to those kids....T^T


oi mr!!XD I received your msg late at night.I wondered why you were still awake as you usually slp at 9 sumthg,extremely awal -.- I text you a msg to know what are you doing....i thought you were rushing to complete you piles of homwrk.I AM WRONG.


mr HONDA CIVIC...!how touch am i that you purposely go to school just to help us though you are not studying in our school anymore.You spent an hour at our booth everymorning....It means a lot wilson.Volunteering needs a lot of passion ...and YOU POSSESSED THAT !THANK YOU!


HAHA.first of all, i am sorry bcz reached ur home too early that day xD
you were just woke up and i am there already X)
If there are any awardS to be given,i would like to award you with:THE BEST PROMOTER!
I am impressed with the way you pursuade the students.The fluency,the confidence,the passion in YOU when promoting.WOW.TOP SELLER X)


i am brilliant to choose you to be the designer of our brochures and logo.
It is not just NICE but AWESOME :D
i appreciate the hardwrk u did for the best outcome!i knew it!!!
go and jadi designer ELTON!JGN WASTE UR TALENT EH :)


Thanks for being so caring,oftenly asking about my obstacles and difficulties i faced.
it does gain my courage when implements this campaign :D



i am sobbing when typing these T^T

Saturday, July 10, 2010

今天 明天

Spend my weekends to complete piles of homework:

(a)sejarah msia:3 essays
(b)tamadun dunia:1 essay
(c)P.Perniagaan 1:Presentation
(d)Pengajian am:graph

*Went to nearby pizze hut today :) with my dearest sister :)
congratulate her for being accepted to pursue degree under JPA scholarship.


 Received calls from jpa today
Only noticed when reached home at 5pm(left hp at home)
yea sigh!as office hr had ended already
cant call them back 
need to wait until next monday
wish it will be a favourable message from them

pray ...........

Friday, July 9, 2010


I slept for just 2 hrs today but appeared to be more energetic than 7 hrs sleeper.
My sleepiness and exhaustion were taken away by the excitement and satisfaction!
The feedbacks from students are beyond expectation!
impressive one :).a remarkable achievement!
i am touched.
not to forget the committees who being so commited in implementing this campaign,from bottom of my heart,thank you!
Next,we are targeting the afternoon session students!


*in case you got no idea what the heck am i talking about,well :) we are implementing a campaign,with swak children cancer society as beneficiary.It is a fund raising event whereby we collect donation,sell gold ribbon pin and campaign's tee :) All profit goes to SCCS.


Two students(siblings) had just lost their parent .Under school arrangement,we collected the donation from every students,class to clss donation.The 2 students are from 3I and 5F respectively if not mistaken.As just lost their parent,we thought they are surely not in school right now.Without any ponder,we carried the donation box to every classes in block A.I was the one carried the box while my another friend announced the reason of donation.I approached a student who was taking a RM1 note from her pocket and wanted to insert the note in the box.Just then,she stunned and looked at me cluelessly.She asked:Why collect donation for me???!In the blink of  an eye,I read the name pasted on the box and compare with her name tag,i was astonished and shocked,it was the SAME,so!!!She was the one who had just lost parent!
To avoid she felt uneasy as i collect the donation in front of her,i purposely covered the name with my hand.It was definitely akward collect donation infront of the receiver.But!wasnt on purpose sorry,Lai =/
Hope you dont mind that .
Anyway,a msg for you though i know most plausibly u will not read this,
just want to say; be strong,keep going.Fight this with endurance and patience.You can do it!

The Unrelated:
I am craving for a piano! =/

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Being the emcee and representative for love brings hope campaign today :)
witness few teachers dropped tears on the spot.
few  students told that they are touched and thought the speech was awesome.
few close friends told that they wanted to cry bt couldnt as surounded by hundreds of students.
minor ignorant students felt nothg.

The most touching part wasnt my speech,but my video,that played the story of a children's cancer patient.named Taylor.Grown to be a kid,happily gone through his life though need to struggle and fight with cancer.Slowly loss his hair,amputated a leg,and eventually,DIED.I cried badly when i first viewed that video .Doubtlessly,it's really a meaningful video!

stood infront of countless students and teachers in the hall,i dint trumbled neither shivered.I performed quite well  in sense that i am calm and it went as what had planned.I am firmly believe i am right about myself,right aboutthe fact  i love to be a speaker,to catch pple attention and speak infront of crowd!I could talk like TV3 reporter seriously XD.Fluent in bm :) And that caused gazilllion of friends doubted I am not pure chinese.

I want to clarify that i am a PURE chinese!100 chinese!though i can speak awesome malay,that doesnt mean i must be mixed.divulged here since i know you surely wondered so long time how could a pure chinese can speak malay without any chinese accent.Hmmp!I speaked bm since i am young,even mastered bahasa sarawak.this is because i am raised in a village area,malay is the main language we use to communicate.Futhermore,i oftenly hlep my mom at shop,well,our customer often is bumi.that's y.yea I bet you are nodding and saying:oooooooooooooo,no wonderla!

haha yala! XD....BACK TO TOPIC!

I wish our booth will be congested by students tomorrow :)
for donation and ordering of shirt.

will post up the pictures of our booth and activities going on.stay with me !


Today's health condition:


as a result:wasted half day =/

decided to cut hair as hate to tie hair everyday before go to school

hmmp! objection?support?.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I demand for a glorious result in coming aug exam.

Bahasa Melayu
Pengajian Am
Pengajian Perniagaan
Sejarah Msia & Tamadun Dunia

Desperately hope that can achieve high pointer in this exam


hello there.
sleepless and restless these days.Busy with campaign tasks and homework.
One more month will be my first examination in form 6.
Need strive hard to achieve a satisfactory result.If not i will smash my head to the wall until its break and bleed,and if still breathing,i am gonna jump into sea.i CANT swim.ya i am talking about commit suicide
These days,i take nap in the afternoon for approx 1 hr,n sleep at 11pm at night,wake up at 4am and arrive school before 6am to set up booth for my charity's campaign.
so far so good,its goes quite ok
tomorrow will be the most important shot to attract students attention and care toward this campaign,a talk/speech.
Will be the emcee for tomorrow's special assembly for the campaign and koperasi week.
And also will be the representative of campaign to give speech and create awareness.
a big deal!good luck to me.
for childhood cancer awareness

-i despair of his coming.
-bruised my knee when playing badminton last saturday.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


v stumble [ˈstambl]
1 to strike the foot against something and lose one's balance, or nearly fall He stumbled over the edge of the carpet. 
2 to walk unsteadily He stumbled along the track in the dark. 
3 to make mistakes, or hesitate in speaking, reading aloud etc He stumbles over his words when speaking in public. 
n stumbling-block
a difficulty that prevents progress. 
stumble across/on
to find by chance I stumbled across this book today in a shop. 


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Habeas Corpus

This post is dedicated to my classmate who suggested me to post informative post about the term HABEAS CORPUS that we stumble acrossed in Pengajian Am,Here You go~!

Habeas corpus is a writ, or legal action, through which a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention. The remedy can be sought by the prisoner or by another person coming to his aid. Habeas corpus originated in the English legal system, but it is now available in many nations. It has historically been an important legal instrument safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary state action.
A writ of habeas corpus is a summons with the force of a court order, addressed to the custodian (a prison official for example) demanding that a prisoner be taken before the court, and that the custodian present proof of authority, allowing the court to determine if the custodian has lawful authority to detain the person. If the custodian does not have authority to detain the prisoner, then he must be released from custody. The prisoner, or another person in his or her behalf, may petition the court, or a judge, for a writ of habeas corpus. One reason for the writ to be sought by a person other than the prisoner is that the detainee might be held incommunicado. Most civil law jurisdictions provide a similar remedy for those unlawfully detained, but this is not always called "habeas corpus"[1]. For example, in some Spanish-speaking nations, the equivalent remedy for unlawful imprisonment is the amparo de libertad.
Habeas corpus has certain limitations. It is technically only a procedural remedy; it is a guarantee against any detention that is forbidden by law, but it does not necessarily protect other rights, such as the entitlement to a fair trial. So if an imposition such as internment without trial is permitted by the law then habeas corpus may not be a useful remedy. Furthermore in many countries the writ of habeas corpus itself may be suspending during a time of war or national emergency.
The right to petition for a writ of habeas corpus has nonetheless long been celebrated as the most efficient safeguard of the liberty of the subject. The jurist Albert Venn Dicey wrote that the British Habeas Corpus Acts "declare no principle and define no rights, but they are for practical purposes worth a hundred constitutional articles guaranteeing individual liberty".[2]
The writ of habeas corpus is one of what are called the "extraordinary", "common law", or "prerogative writs", which were historically issued by the English courts in the name of the monarch to control inferior courts and public authorities within the kingdom. The most common of the other such prerogative writs are quo warrantoprohibitomandamusprocedendo, and certiorari. The due process for such petitions is not simply civil or criminal, because they incorporate the presumption of non-authority. The official who is the respondent has the burden to prove his authority to do or not do something. Failing this, the court must decide for the petitioner, who may be any person, not just an interested party. This differs from a motion in a civil process in which the movant must have standing, and bears the burden of proof.

For more details,click this :WIKIPEDIA

Friday, July 2, 2010


A couple could still be best friend after break up if it's because of does not suit to each other
And they WONT if it's due to one betray another

including the one who had betrayed me mentally and physically


since i seldomly appear to be emo in my blog.let post one -.- (obviously is not the real reason)

hey boy,
what you had told me dint made me HATE you
but made me feel that you are making me a FOOL

The worst part is ,that eventually scratched my dignity and pride.And unremovable scar is the final product.


you are a JERK 

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The main purpose to post this photo is to show my writing is attractive and neat xD joke**.Secondly,i am divulging my daily activity that is write thousands of words everyday,used up over 10 sheets of foolscaps.
Recall how i spent my days in science stream,i used to be spending most of the time cracking my brain to solve mathematical questions like math and physic,as well as chem.And now,no joke,but i copy uncountable facts everyday.Should i consider it as advantage or disadvantage.apparently BOTH.Copying doesnt need alot of thinking and analysing,thus i manage to finish my homework faster compare to math that i could even spend 2 hrs to solve one long question.But nah,seriously,art is not easy as what people always described ,so i am not going to take it easy and will strive as hard as what i had done in science class previously.
Start from tomorrow,i will drive to school everyday.I need to devote my time and affords to control the 4 wheels vehicle early in the morning.hehe,tell you,i ever doze off while driving before,which i was really tired,exhausted.Luckily,i am still ALIVE -.- to spend my time beneficially,i would play the tracks of MUET'S listening disc to train my listening skills while driving :D
As a member of spotcheck group,need to arrive school at 6.15am.wake up at 5.00am.Depart at 5.40am due to the distance between school and house is dreadfully long.

List of obligations :

a)complete 6 historical essays within a week
b)publicise the LOVE BRINGS HOPE campaign to students and teachers
c)deal with swak children cancer society as apparently issues are occured
d) be prepared to be emcee of minggu koperasi and speech of cancer awareness's campaign
e)publicise the dance club,enrolment and registration
f)check my logbooks(scouting) 
h)start revision to get ready for aug exam
i)get ready for ujian sikap(KING SCOUT) by train up those skills

Reminder:All these are needed to be completed before end of aug.

An initiative to brush up english to  achieve good grade in MUET for speaking section:


speak english EVERYDAY
speak english to EVERYONE


I wonder why some people dont go for something that they are more suitable with,and instead of doing that,they seem to be more enjoy by challenging themself to indulge in something that totally propelling with their personality.I am totally disagree with this of course,i personally think this will lead to unfavourable ending in the future.Think it properly before deciding,its may affect and destine your whole life.Sometimes,talents and abilities are much more important than dreams.

example:you like to sing and you start dreaming to be a singer.
BUT,your voice is horrible.
DOESNT MAKE SENSE.though its a dream,but you shud thnk of do you capable and competent to be the one?

example 2:You like first aid and start dreaming to be a doctor in the future.
BUT,you failed in science and couldnot even understand what the heck umbilical cord is.
You wish to kill the patient then you go for a cert illegally and start killing.

example 3:You wish to earn a lot of money with fastest way and eventually you start dreaming to be a businessman.
BUT,you cant even speak well or communicate well.You dont have the leadership neither the qualities of enterprising and socialising.You want to be the first businessman that even tumble and shiver when talking to public,GO AHEAD LA.

NO OFFENCE.My mindset is getting more realistic.
these are just my opinions,how about yours?agree?disagree?why?
anticipate a feedback from YOU .THANK YOU.:)

Law:A msian has the right to speak unless it is a sensitive issue.