Saturday, June 5, 2010


I never experience the feeling of homesick before,neither NOW.
Generally,homesick is an adjective of feeling  depressed or melancholy at being away from home and family.
And now,m going to elaborate about how
NOT HOMESICK am i now.
Obviously,im refering to opposite of homesick.
Cz of some family matters,i need to stay home for least 1 month.
1 month nt goin out is too long for me.really,i mean it.
Anyway,take it easy.
For this 1 month,of course,need try my best to enjoy it to the utmost.
And good news!!My baby,erm i means my sister/brother going to be turned into baby very soon,Due date:12 JUNE.
Currently is a foetus :) At anytime,he/she can just being delivered,is get ready for birth.

Sequence of baby's development:
After fertilisation occured,forming embryo,n then foetus n finally will be getting ready for birth.(briefly,its like this,of cz in btwn,ther're many complicated processes goin on,check it out if u interested to know in net)

SO.she.he looks somethg like this now:


PERHAPS I can grab this chance to learn to be a mom,haha joke** or mayb not.
Nah,change topic!It's my privacy (my self-thought,ngek!watsoever!)

Hmmp,I have tones of homework,which dominated by a subject call MATH P,whr P stand for PURE.
the hardest sub in form 6 for me.
Hesitating to finish it up,i dint really pay attention when teacher is teaching in class for  math sub,as well as other sc subs,mentally cant.
Am so excited to swtich to art,so its kinda mindset prob.
In short,will take a long duration to finish the questions,which i partially understand.
HOW?Figure out later.

3 weeeks holidays,1 week has passed.meaningless passed.Spent these days without purpose,directionlessly,doing nothg.Oh,at least i did played bowling with friends,hmp 2 rounds.Need to point out,I tremendously discontented with my performance that day,the worst achievement ever.depressed!

Work hard,have fun,make a difference,lets accomplish this!

And readers,have somethg to share here,its a quote from a blog:
Quite interesting!
And this i love the most:

Its so true .

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