Thursday, June 23, 2011

Against all odds

'What?Resit?Frankly,I know her standard alright,I have been teaching her since form 4.'

'No no...I believe in her,I always am...She's a good student,she can make it.'

'Yes yes! Um is a top school,she has to be very good in order to get in.'

Those were genuine,straightforward and unambiguous remarks from my teachers on the idea of resitting MUET(Malaysian University English Test)

I listened,pondered and cogitated their opinions.
Every comment profoundly influenced my decision.
I had finally came to a decision after a night of cogitation on this bothering matter.

I'll take this as a challenge.
Dealing with challenges is the sweetest part in life.
They're the source of strength,passion and enthusiasm.
I'll resit MUET.
I'll prove she's wrong.
I just want to be better.

I am ready for a grueling and exhaustive preparation.
Against all odds,I'll make my dream come true!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have received my MUET result.I would say it was acceptable but aroused a bit disappointment.I got fairly good marks in Listening,Speaking but not in writing.
Amazingly,my sadness was treated and faded by the good results of my mid-year exam :D
I aimed to break my teacher's record by getting more than 40 correct out of 60 questions in BM Paper 1 and I finally did it-I hit 50/60 during the mid-year exam.
And now I am aiming to get an A instead of an A- in BM :)
I cant stop looking at the marks and smirking gleefully :)