Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Kitten

I heard shrieking voices of a cat at outside. The intense curiosity lured me to open the door for nothing but an acknowledgement of what was happening. I saw a big-sized cat with its sex organs exposed as I was facing its back, assaulting a little kitten that trembled hard in horror and extreme fear. The kitten never stopped screaming until I shooed the big cat away. The aggrieved kitten sighed helplessly and it mistakenly thought it has found a shelter in which it was so wrong. What was I capable of doing was just saved it from the predator but not providing it a bright and foreseeable future.
The aggrieved kitten sneaked in as I forgot to close the door back. All of the inhabitants of the house realized it should not be here but none of us willing to take it away as the feeling of sympathy was overwhelming.
I took out some anchovies from the refrigerator for the starving kitten. The weather was my biggest concern but then again I must not forget it is born with thick furs that we did not possess. I made a small plastic cup out of a small cylindrical container with the least height so that the kitten could lick the liquid with its fragile and short neck. The liquid was made by mixing and stirring the warm water and milk.
I carried the kitten with tender care while my sister assisted me to carry its food and drinks.  We left it at the outside forcibly. It followed me and tried to get it but it didn’t succeed. I stood at the doorway for minutes to think of giving something that might be helpful for it. Oh a blanket of course as it was raining cats and dogs. Coincidently there were a few pieces of rags on the sewing machine beside the door. I grabbed one which was an aged towel of my dad and put it over the kitten.
And I was thinking whatever that I did tonight wasn’t really helpful at all. What I did was a short term help. It might still be attacked, caught in rain and starved someday or perhaps tomorrow!
It is like giving packs of rice to the peasants and leave. After finishing the rice, the peasants would still living in hunger. So the aiding isn’t helping after all!
What the peasants really need are plantations! Paddy but not rice that could keep them alive and out of hunger for their whole lives!
What the kitten really needs is not a blanket nor food but an owner that could give it everything it needs.
What it really needs is my commitment in which I don’t think I can give.
May God bless you, kitten.