Sunday, June 6, 2010

Malay Wedding

Last night,Dad asked me to represent him to attend a wedding reception.And the next morning,when i was still enjoying dreaming,oh shit i was awaken by sounds of calling,Its from my malay friend.

Original version: in Bahasa Sarawak:

HER:ah lian??ko pergi sik katok?bapa ko madah ko pergi nak?
me:har??aok aok....ko pegi juak kah?bila??
HER:aok,mandi gik kau,lak ku nungu di rumah....

translated:in english:

HER:Ah lian??are u going later??ur dad said u r goin??
me:har??yaya!are u goin too?
HER:yeap,go and take ur bath,i wait u at my house.

note:i was shouted in my bedroom,while she is just outside.I cant let her in n see my messy sleeping look,right?yea damn right.And another thing,I do communicate in BAHASA SARAWAK with my bumiputera friends.i can speak bahasa sarawak very fluent since i was raised in a village area call Kpg Muara Tuang. some streching and entered bathroom.A quick shower and dress myself up.HEY!its a malay wedding!You cant expect me wearing night dress,and it's morning,i bet everyone in the wedding would just star at me this little chinese fellow who dont respect their traditionally customs if i wear that.So,i end up wearing this:

Grab my key and entered my aged car,heading to the groom's house.When we arrived,it was still early,after 'bersalam' with the welcomer who oftenly is the parents of the bride/groom,we went into the house.
And i was overjoyed when saw my ex.student,name syarmimi.She is malay but can understand a little bit of mandarin.

Doing nothing while waiting for the arrival of bride and groom,I done some exploration about malay wedding.
I saw a group of malays kids which one of them is my ex.student,they all in orange and were chit-chatting.I approached them and start asking questions.Hazard  a guess that they should be the 'Kompang Group' which play role to welcome the bride and groom.

'so, you guys are kompang boys right?what is this?that??...and so on so on...'

The sort of cap thing i wore on my head is tengkolok.Dont tell me you had never ever seen it?unless you never seen malaysian ringgit's note before.Perhaps you are,i attached a RM50 note for you.

As what i have said earlier,we came too early,the food was not ready yet.My friend that i mentioned earlier was out of time,thus she suggested not to wait.But then,the welcomer insisted to invite us to eat before leaving,and thus we ate some of dishes only.

yellowish is pajeri nanas(if not mistaken)
orangish is chicken cooked with sauce
brownish is rendang(beef)
The rice colour should be in orange,which is nasi briyani.

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