Sunday, August 22, 2010

A craving for getting good grades

It's dawning while i am pressing my keyboard to express my feelings and thoughts.First of all, i compelled by mr Exam to wake up at 3am to do revision,or in detail,i shall call that as:memorise historical facts.Dizzy and headache now!
3 more days will be my exam.Pretty depressed as i have high expectation towards my exam's result.And i noticed that i keep saying this whenever and whoever talks about examinations:I m going to smash my head upon the wall until it start bleeding and eventually i die if i failed to get good grades.Is that considered as cursing?NO.It significaning how serious am in craving for getting good results.

I am not here to waste my time or honeymoon but to chase my dream.

Had just spent an hour online.It's time to leave.Gear up for my exams.Wish me luck.=]

Monday, August 16, 2010


I broke my promise saying that will update my blog after my exam.
Seem to be i couldnt stand to utter words on my blog page for just only a fornight.
The exam's schedule is distributed today.
I was not as stressful as i was in form 5 at the moment looking at the A4 sheet.
Instead,I was overjoyed and felt great:oh great!only 5 subjects!!Burning with excitement and joy!
In form 5,i need to prepare for 12 subjects,over 20 papers,so the variance is very significant in the sense of the number of papers that i have to seat and number of pages that i have to read through.
The toughest and most challenging paper for me would be history which consists of 4 main broad title:tamadun dunia,islam,sej msia,asia tenggara.Teacher always remind us that the most integral part of our answer would be sufficient words-four pages.

examination week : 26 Aug - 3 Sept

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am ready to strive my best to achieve best scores in my very first exam!I dont care if i need to sacrifice my beauty sleeps,my leisures.It's all ok as long as i get what i want.Aint that everything has a price?Same goes to in getting good result :) btw.i heart him :] sorry for being doubtful upon you that night babe,im sorry.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

either yawning or eating

Another 2 weeks will be our first exam in form 6.Feel anxious indeed.Start to memorise those facts.Hundred pages of historical facts to be memorised in a fortnight.Yea,need to strive very hard.Sleepless.And what a remarkable describtion that my teacher used to desribe me in the class today:

mdm:This girl ah!!If not eating,she will be yawning!!

me:no!!i got laugh also what??!!

l o l !!!!