Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Its too fast,really too fast,barely can accept the truth that 3 weeks of holidays are almost come to the end.omg!-.-
my holidays?PRODUCTIVE enough for me :) but see the face above?dreadfully tired :( bt its worth,:everythg has a price.

I learnt to be a mom,seriously.ONE WRD to describe.


Compare to studies?

 study is more on mentality while being mom needs alot of physical strength especially doing endless housechores.

I adore great mom out thr who able to take a good care on family and successfully built amazing career as well.Its really a WOW for me :) 
And i hope to be one too in the future.

The most meaningful thg i had experienced within this holidays is putting myself in mom's shoe.It's incredible,but it's a fact!

Whoots what's next??!
3 more sub-topics of math T to be analysed and over 25 STPM's math question to be completed.This MATH seem appeared in every post i posted.Significaning how UNnegligible it is.:( aiks.

It has value of noteworthiness =/


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