Sunday, July 18, 2010


I should not being so emotional and easily affected by small matters.
sorry to my lovely bloggy and my readers that forced to listen to my whines and grumbles.
I should learn how to control my emotion and conquer it.
Express my appreciation to my lovely brother who had reminded and alerted me to be not forgotten who i am after achievements or whateverthg that made me proud of myself.
Be humble and not TOO OVER promote ownself and drown into it.ok dear,i get it :]
And congratulations to din lin and hong hin who had being offered to pursue education courses recently in kl.
goodluck :]]]]

Recently addicted to girl's generation dances and songs.They are superb dancers!
I heart them :)
Going to perform their dance at kchg fest nightly entertainment,4 august.-
And also Run Devil Run,bt i am not involved as have no enough time to master the steps :) goodluck to other ladies members :)

2 members had left  and replaced by two newly choosen competent dancers.
Currently,nine members in our team-The Ladies :)

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