Sunday, July 25, 2010


I am no longer single anymore since 21 July.And guess what,that will be our anniversary and my dad's birthday as well.How am i going to celebrate both important events in one day?Tell you next year on the same date.So,another reason why u should continue read my blog.Such a tricky writer here XD

He is so great that i wish to be in his arms for my whole life.He is so special that i couldnt even think one of the reason to let him go.yea so that's him.You can sense how jolly am i to be with him.
Babe,I heart you :)

Next,28 july 2010 is the last day of the campaign.means this campaign is almost come to the end.

For the three consecutive saturdays,my dance group go to studio for rehearsaling for kchg fest show.
Is so headache with our outfit!!haiz.
And somemore,we are training ourself to dance with high heel.It is pretty suffering X(
Anyway,goodluck to us.
see u on 4 august :)

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