Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Being the emcee and representative for love brings hope campaign today :)
witness few teachers dropped tears on the spot.
few  students told that they are touched and thought the speech was awesome.
few close friends told that they wanted to cry bt couldnt as surounded by hundreds of students.
minor ignorant students felt nothg.

The most touching part wasnt my speech,but my video,that played the story of a children's cancer patient.named Taylor.Grown to be a kid,happily gone through his life though need to struggle and fight with cancer.Slowly loss his hair,amputated a leg,and eventually,DIED.I cried badly when i first viewed that video .Doubtlessly,it's really a meaningful video!

stood infront of countless students and teachers in the hall,i dint trumbled neither shivered.I performed quite well  in sense that i am calm and it went as what had planned.I am firmly believe i am right about myself,right aboutthe fact  i love to be a speaker,to catch pple attention and speak infront of crowd!I could talk like TV3 reporter seriously XD.Fluent in bm :) And that caused gazilllion of friends doubted I am not pure chinese.

I want to clarify that i am a PURE chinese!100 chinese!though i can speak awesome malay,that doesnt mean i must be mixed.divulged here since i know you surely wondered so long time how could a pure chinese can speak malay without any chinese accent.Hmmp!I speaked bm since i am young,even mastered bahasa sarawak.this is because i am raised in a village area,malay is the main language we use to communicate.Futhermore,i oftenly hlep my mom at shop,well,our customer often is bumi.that's y.yea I bet you are nodding and saying:oooooooooooooo,no wonderla!

haha yala! XD....BACK TO TOPIC!

I wish our booth will be congested by students tomorrow :)
for donation and ordering of shirt.

will post up the pictures of our booth and activities going on.stay with me !


Jo Jo said...

the video n speech do really touched me too T^T
keep up the good job siaw lian~~FIGHT!!!

Jo Jo said...

the video n speech do really touched me T^T keep up the good work siaw lian~FIGHT!!!!