Friday, July 9, 2010


Two students(siblings) had just lost their parent .Under school arrangement,we collected the donation from every students,class to clss donation.The 2 students are from 3I and 5F respectively if not mistaken.As just lost their parent,we thought they are surely not in school right now.Without any ponder,we carried the donation box to every classes in block A.I was the one carried the box while my another friend announced the reason of donation.I approached a student who was taking a RM1 note from her pocket and wanted to insert the note in the box.Just then,she stunned and looked at me cluelessly.She asked:Why collect donation for me???!In the blink of  an eye,I read the name pasted on the box and compare with her name tag,i was astonished and shocked,it was the SAME,so!!!She was the one who had just lost parent!
To avoid she felt uneasy as i collect the donation in front of her,i purposely covered the name with my hand.It was definitely akward collect donation infront of the receiver.But!wasnt on purpose sorry,Lai =/
Hope you dont mind that .
Anyway,a msg for you though i know most plausibly u will not read this,
just want to say; be strong,keep going.Fight this with endurance and patience.You can do it!

The Unrelated:
I am craving for a piano! =/

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