Tuesday, July 6, 2010


hello there.
sleepless and restless these days.Busy with campaign tasks and homework.
One more month will be my first examination in form 6.
Need strive hard to achieve a satisfactory result.If not i will smash my head to the wall until its break and bleed,and if still breathing,i am gonna jump into sea.i CANT swim.ya i am talking about commit suicide
These days,i take nap in the afternoon for approx 1 hr,n sleep at 11pm at night,wake up at 4am and arrive school before 6am to set up booth for my charity's campaign.
so far so good,its goes quite ok
tomorrow will be the most important shot to attract students attention and care toward this campaign,a talk/speech.
Will be the emcee for tomorrow's special assembly for the campaign and koperasi week.
And also will be the representative of campaign to give speech and create awareness.
a big deal!good luck to me.
for childhood cancer awareness

-i despair of his coming.
-bruised my knee when playing badminton last saturday.

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