Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How Do I look?

Talking about fashion and style, the first thing comes into my mind is MONEY.

The next two things are TIME AND PASSION.

The fourth and fifth things are KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS.

Our outfits reflect who we are and unfortunately they will not if we don't wear the right ones.

Courageous, confident and high profile ones will go for the colourful and sophisticated kind of outfit; playing a lot of mix and match. Light colours are their favourites as well to get more attention.

Down-to-earth and I-don't-give-a-damn-with-what-you-think ones will probably go for the dull colours with the least complication and details on their outfits. They'll probably go on wearing the same clothes until the holes appeared and colours faded. 
They're just simply too poor to splurge on the clothes. 

When I was in primary five or six, I had casual wears uniforms. I had specifically 2 pairs of casual wears uniforms which only costed less than RM20 each and I wore them on daily basis for around half year.

I was, well, being frugal as I was so poor and didn't bother about my appearance at all. What mattered to me that time was having fun and I had an amazing childhood because of that.

I miss my childhood from time to time although it significantly left a lot of scars of wounds on my limbs. If I were to describe my childhood with only one word, I will go for ADVENTUROUS.

To be brief, I climbed and jumped off from the trees, I built houses on the trees with banners and boxes, I gambled, I did businesses, I played marbles and rubber band made 'string', I flew kites, I wore Power Ranger costumes that made of plastics and 'bertukar' on the street, I cooked dishes out or flowers and leaves, I climbed the wall of the buildings or just anything, I purposely made myself caught in rain, I ran away from house by hiding under my bed, I fought with friends by writing their names all over places with chalks, I ran for my life when my enemy's brother brutally chased me with a wooden chair in his hand  & etc...
That's not brief after all ... hahaha!

What am I up to actually? lol I always run out of topic. I am going to post some photos that actually partially reflected and reflecting my personalities and also to show the fact that My Appearance is striving so hard to get a place in my priority list all this while.


That is me in standing in the middle that's how I dressed up back in 2008-Simple Tee goes with jeans. Look at my hair! that was the ugliest haircut ever. I was too thin and that made me looked horrible in tee-shirts.


That's me wearing the brown singlet back in 2009, still having the thick annoying fringe with better clothes.

I start wearing dresses and comb my hair more after having a boyfriend because I want to look good in front of him. It does happen to you too, right? eh don't deny come on!

2011 was my girliest year.

professional look

nicer mix and match

better top

To wrap this post up, I'm reflected as a classy, conservative, professional, friendly, energetic and cheerful green young lady. hahaha SELF-OBSESSED?!


will me my hottest year wahaha !

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