Friday, May 18, 2012

Education v Business

I was sitting in exhaustion in a bus and trying my best to avoid from having physical contact with a middle aged man beside me who occupied about one and the half of the seat. :/
He stood up and moved to back while mumbling about things that no one could understand. Everyone was looking at him awkwardly carrying bags out of the back seat. I assumed those filled plastic bags were smelly since everyone he passed through covered their noses and bitterly stared at him.
It was so odd when he talked to me and I could say nothing apart from nodding and said yes.
Even weird was that he never stopped talking.
He got down from the bus and another female had his seat then.
Her name was Sandra , aged almost triple of my age but astonishingly looked energetic and attractive.
We started to chat about our jobs, education, family backgrounds and so on.
She told me she worked her ass off to get the trustworthy and secure position in her current working place which is a big business company.
For us who aren't borne from a super rich family, we are very aware of the fact that we've to put in a lot of effort to support and increase the financial stability of our family.
To enjoy life, we've to work independently as there's no one we can rely on other than ourselves.
But then, the contention and satisfaction that we would get can beat everything.
I study my ass off to get a scholarship to pursue my studies and yet there're so many teens out there study like it is nothing because they don't have to work hard to get it so they take 'em for granted. They have forgotten that their parents have to work their asses off to let 'em to study in the colleges.
The fees cost a comb and they make them unworthy.
I would take education as a form of investment for our future. That's why everyone kinda realized that fact and want to get a certificate to have a secured future.
But still, sadly, they're many unemployed graduates out there.
I always wonder that if you spend a lot in education like more than 100 k or something , did you ever think about the fact that you would have spent years to earn back the money you've invested in education?
I always think that if you can get yourself educated or highly educated with the least investment, you'll save and earn a lot more.
The rule of business can be applied here-Low expenses will lead to high profits. 

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