Sunday, May 20, 2012


How would you classify your choices?
Good Bad Important Trivial Once in a life time Shouldn't be missed ...
I would classify mine into Right and Wrong.
To make big decisions is not easy.
It's very burdensome as we know whatever decision we make later on will make a big difference.
To ease the burden of making a choice, I would listen to my deepest feelings.
I am no longer the just-do-it kind of person. I would ponder to make a right choice or decision on big matters.
I want to make a difference with my life. I want to try to live my everyday like there's no tomorrow.
Therefore, I am adhering to the principle of Never Do Something that I Don't Feel Wanting to 
Do. I want to spend my each day without any regret or sadness, even the fragments of 'em.
Everyday is so precious.
Every second is so invaluable.
I'll never let myself to live someone else's life like I would do before.
Spend an hour to watch this video. It'll influence your perceptions towards the world, the way you look at your problems or it would even change your life, entirely. It's so influential .

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