Saturday, May 26, 2012

Can We Make a Joke Out of a Lawsuit? Yes No?

This is something that I recapitulated from a Blog.

A pedestrian sued a driver for his dangerous, careless and reckless driving that caused him to be hospitalized for  a week.

The Plaintiff      :  A pedestrian
The Defendant :  A driver

During the closing speech, the advocate for the defendant said:

 During the material time, the defendant drove with caution and attention. He have been driving for 30 years but never done anything that against the traffic rules or involved in any accident, not even ever gotten a traffic summon before this.

The advocate for the Plaintiff retorted: 

Since my learned friend brought up this matter, I must further emphasize that the Plaintiff has been a pedestrian for 70 years and never get crashed by any car before ...

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