Monday, May 21, 2012


Let's talk about the law firm I am working at.The first week was very exhausting, hectic  and exciting at the same time. The former clerk was leaving, so, many ongoing cases were left to me. It was confusing because they were still very new to me. She shared her knowledge that I've to crammed with in a very limited time.

She is a best friend of mine. We were in the same class since primary one until form 5. She is now having schooling spree in Taiwan. Salute her for the fees and costs incurred are solely paid by her own. 
I am assigned to do all kind of work ranging from fighting with the photocopy machine to preparing legal documents. When I am bored, I would do the cleaning too.


1.Photocopying documents and cornering them with proper corners. We've two types of corners:stamped with our pigeon hole number and printed with the firm's name. The ones stamped with pigeon hole number will only be used for litigation cases which means the cases that brought to the courts.

2.Make Corners: Corners refer to the triangular-shaped folded paper that hold the left edge of our document. We would first insert the corners to the edge of the papers and stapler them right on the corner. The Corners are made out of ordinary colour papers with different colours. The papers are cut into small pieces and then folded into triangular shape to perfectly fit into the edge.

3.Filling: So here come the troublesome thing. I've to file documents accordingly into their files and they're so many of them. I've to look for the files at our master cupboard, lawyers' offices and the small cabinet. Sometimes, I would pace back and forth in the office just to search a file.

4.Tame the stupid photocopy machine. Nah this ain't easy. I am now quite professional at it.  There're so many functions that you've to learn and master with. I think it's fun though haha. 

5.Binding. I bind documents too. Once I bind over thousands papers into sets of documents. It took hours because I've to bind the papers bit by bit. It was fun to know how to use the tiny machine to easily open up the ring so that we can easily fit in papers or remove papers into/from the rings.

6. Filling documents to the courts. For litigation cases, every single document needs to be filed in court. So I'll help the lawyers to prepare Preacipes which function as the receipt/invoice/statement for payment purpose together with the cheques/cash and assign our dispatch to file em in the related courts.

7.Servicing documents. Upon filling, I'll prepare the cover letters to be attached with the documents for service. Service here means send out the duly executed and filed documents to the counterparts. ( advocates & defendants/plaintiff)

8.Preparation and execution of documents. I learn to produce legal documents too like tenancy agreement, affidavit, summons and so on. Then call up our clients and commissioner for affirmation.   

9. Adjudication and stamping. Some documents needs to be adjudicated through the official website and then upon approval of the docs, I will print out the notice and send the docs for stamping at the office. 
My former colleague, Betty.

10.Conducting Bankruptcy search, Vehicle Search, Land Search and other related searches.

11.Picking up calls and following up cases through calls and letters.

12.Paying all kind of bills. Nah I only do the paperwork and the calling. The rendering of the bills is done by our dispatch.

13.Sending out the documents by Courier, ordinary post, registered post or A.R Register Post. Each one has its own way.

14.Researching&scrutinizing: I do research on related cases for certain cases. Reported or unreported judgments that written by the judges are needed to support the points or facts that our lawyers intend to point out to the judge. To do this,  I need Caffeine. Research is done by logging into the official websites and looking up the available law books.

15.Ordering stationery and items for the upkeep of office.

16.Witnessing the lawyers showing their amazing and awing skills in the courts.

17. Loaning: So far I fully handled two loan cases. From receiving Letter of Offer to full draw down of the loans, it took months. The whole process involving receiving the LO, adjudicating and stamping, drafting and editing documents, doing amendments, preparing documents, execution of documents, presentation and registration of documents, requesting related documents, conducting land searches and so on.

The End.

I shall proceed my reading of a judgment on an appeal of criminal case by the sentenced defendant- rape& statutory rape. 

Through my blog, I wish to spur anyone who is contemplating to study law to work in a law firm to get suffice exposure and understanding in this field . I always believe that when we're young, we work to glean experience and knowledge but not to earn. I am not given salary but only allowance that only enough to cover my expenses on transportation and meals for my attachment. Don't be picky and get a job! 

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