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Network Marketing & pyramid scheme

"I know one thing that is essential to succeed in this industry: you need a unique consumable product."

''I would be on the phone sometimes until one in the morning! I would call people on the East Coast until 10p.m then I would call the people on the West Coast because their time zone was three hours behind...I was so determined to make this work that many times she(my wife) would bring me dinner, set it on desk, come back 3 hours later, it would still be sitting there untouched."
'' How high should a tree grow?" " 
As tall as it can.

"How well should a human being do?"

The best he can.

There'are so many powerful stories about ordinary men from all walks of life extraordinarily achieved their lifelong dreams by having successful network marketing business after a long struggling.

Intrinsically, they are no ordinary men.

"I never doubted myself-not even one moment, since I got into network marketing in 1978!"
"I don't let rejection bother me" 
J.K. Baker

" My goal was to be just as successful as all those people who I met in all those past network marketing meetings."

"I finally learned that to succeed in network marketing  I had to stop making excuses"
Bob Bourke 

 "I know one thing that is essential to succeed in this industry: you need a unique consumable product.Bob Burke

"The practice of pyramid system is illegal in Malaysia" 
"pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.[1][2]Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries including AlbaniaAustralia,[3][4] Austria,[5] BrazilCanada,China,[6] Colombia,[7] Denmark, the Dominican Republic,[8] Estonia,[9] FranceGermanyHungaryIceland,Iran,[10] Italy,[11] Japan,[12] Malaysia, MexicoNepal, the Netherlands,[13] New Zealand,[14] Norway,[15] thePhilippines,[16] PolandPortugalRomania,[17] South Africa,[18] SpainSri Lanka,[19] Sweden,[20] Switzerland,TaiwanThailand,[21] Turkey,[22] the United Kingdom, and the United States.[23]"

So basically, by practising this scheme, a network marketing business will expand to no where according to the statement by Bob Burke.

Me myself was being approached by my acquaintances to enrol in this kind of business before. With hesitation and doubt, I kept away the enrolment forms and had never approach any friend of mine even one as the products weren't convincing at all. They looked dusty, I don't even dare to use them, how can I introduce them to the others ?

Pyramid Scheme sounds very luring or rather will make you think earning comes a lot easier by enrolling in this business. Basically, it goes like this:

If you get one member, you'll be given a fixed commission, let say RM2.00 then that member will be your downline and you'll be his/her upline.
Every secondary downline that your primary downline gets, the commission will go to you and as well as your downline.
And it goes down like that.

calculation of income/total commission: 
(something like this as what I've briefed  before with a cup of complimentary coffee)

Each primary downline =RM 2
Each secondary downline = RM2

Let say you get 30 primary downlines and each of your downline gets 30 secondary downlines:

so total downlines of yours would be : 30 + 30 x 30 = 930 downlines

your commission: 930 x RM2 = RM1860.00/ month at the beginning

once your network expands, your secondary downlines look for tertiary downlines,here comes the calculation:

Assume that every secondary downline of yours successfully lure in 30 downlines as well, so the total downlines will be :

930 + 30X 30 = 1830 downlines

So now you will be earning RM 3,660,00 per month as the EXTRA INCOME by just letting your downlines to work their asses off to get more downlines for you, you can just sit on the couch having potato chips with your family and perhaps pick up some calls from your downlines on daily basis.

Wahh so nice right? I haveenough with the luring part now I'll go for the killing part of it: 

#Fact No. 1 The bullshitting product
This pyramid Scheme promising participants payment by getting more members or enrolment rather than providing real consumable products. So basically you can only enrol after buying the bullshitting product and then automatically become one of their members. To earn, the next thing you've to do is just to promote for enrolment with the bullshitting products.Very funny thing is that you'll never use the products at all because they're bullshitting.

If the product is not bullshitting , then basically the company is not pratising pyramid scheme.
Like Melilea, they do give points for their members who promote their products and get more members but at the bottom of it, their products are rather the unique consumable ones but not bullshitting.So the company is sustainable and legal.

#Fact No.2 You're a Piranha
Uh-huh why? Because you're actually directly earning your friends' money but not obtaining the bonus from your company as minor part of the enrolment fees that paid by your friends will go to you. Bear in mind that the product that you give to your friends or acquaintances are bullshitting ones so the fees that they pay are for the products, externally, but in actual fact, they pay for the enrolment or the hope to earn more after this by being another Piranha. If they fail to be a Piranha, they will end up paying for nothing so basically you put them at risk.

You positively will say : Oh it's a business, it's an investment. No one can guarantee you in a business. And then you lose your friends. You lose their faith and trust as well.

The owners or founders of the company would be on cloud nine as they will be the ones who earn the most and the next biggest contented earners would be the uplines while the downlines are the pitiful victims.
You may fortunely being one of the uplines and happily start to earn at the beginning but for how long will that last ?
Why would you invest so much money for the morons and devote so much time in it when it can give you nothing in the end? Okey fine it may teach you a lesson and you grow up after being enough grieving on it.

They were companies that earned up to millions by practising this scheme but ended up being sued.

#Fact No. 3 Waste time
You've to get your ass off from your couch and then spend some money for coffee to convince your friends to enrol. If you succeeded, you may earn some at the beginning, but in a long run, it would be a waste of time as you would probably end up being an inferior in this game. It's an unsustainable business. Imagine that if you put all the efforts to a highly potential network marketing business rather than this ILLEGAL BUSINESS , you may end up differently.

I personally do think that network marketing business might happen to be one of the best opportunities for you to accomplish your dreams in life and of course it has been proven to be  the medium to make any of us a dream achiever.
We have the desire of  having more control over our lives.
We wish to earn at ease.
We dream of having complete financial freedom.
Our wants and desires served as the baits for the companies that practise the pyramid scheme that  camouflage as one of the successful and dormant network marketing businesses to get you victimised.

Wake up but don't stop dreaming big.

Sometimes, failure is a good start!

I hope this post would be a good exposure to anyone who might happen to read this.

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