Thursday, December 2, 2010

His awesomeness!

  1. He has awesome body shape like Jacob Black that can awe gazillions of males and females.(hehehe!i am smiling contentedly!)

    Alrite,his breasts are smaller than mr.jacob.

  2. He can play basketball like Kobe Bryant whose may granted a chance to play a game as laker.(intentionally make it sounds exaggerative larh)

  3. He can sing like Wong Lee Hom that catches my heart and causing my tears oozing from my tightly shut eyelids.(He's my only-one precious lee hom!=D)

  4. He is sentimental that he would cry when I star at his beautiful eyes and tell how much I love him.

  5. He has mastered the skill of balancing that he’ll grab me tight and never let me fall.(I walk like a got-no-sense-of-direction penguin in a zigzag motion)
    seriously,i walk in this pattern O_O

  6. He is a food lover whose will try his best to eat my unfinished food.(Alright I need to admit that wanting me to finish up a meal is just like hoping a miracle to happen,hehe,they should sell food in a smaller portion =P)

  7. He is loyal and faithful just like legendary Romeo.
    Oh my Romeo !=D

  8. He has an attractive pair of eyes that I'll never feel enough looking them.
    His eyes are bigger than mine,how come :( Tsk tsk!

  9. He is great in comforting that wiling to act like a sissy just to cheer me up.
    Not in this way larh hahaha!I assume that you're clever enough to get my point..haha eleh!X)

  10. He is unbelievably an official boyfriend of Janise.

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