Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Am still Remember

There’re things and incidences that will stay deep inside ours mind, being memories that will accompany us until ours last breathe .We are powerless to remove some memories regardless happy nor sad as they have been destined to be stored permanently in our mind at the moment we decided they’re something that mean to us,something that affect us,something that could change ours life,something that matter to us.

They are something that mould us into us,make us into us,turn us into us.

I remember how I fell in love for the very first time and losing principle by turning into a little girl that longing for loves and cares.

I remember how I cried for consecutive 2 days like a little baby after broke up with him.

I remember how I bruised my elbow in the process of learning how to hand-stand and hoping I can be amazing bgirl of the world.Oh Silly! 

I remember how I gathered all the guts and courage I have and told him that I love him and what I got in return were disappointment and claiming of wrong timing.

I remember how tired am I that I doze off while driving and awaken by horn behind.Omigod luckily I don’t fall into drain or crash the road-side tree.

 I remember how happy am I  receiving a love confession message from my loved one in the middle of dad’s birthday celebration.I love you darling!

I  remember how I wanted to rush forward with my antique corolla when stopping at traffic light waiting it to turn green so that I would die crashing with speeding cars infront,after heard a confession of a cruel heartless man seating behind that he seduced a girl when he was in relationship with me.And until now I still wondering if he actually feel sorry to me.

I remember how sad am I when meeting a child that aged between 1 to 2 that have no eyeball on her left eye due to scary cancer sickness.

I remember ,just minutes ago,I frightened by a lizard and so I realized I actually scare lizard.
To Be Continued …

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