Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tom Yam of the day

I never would like tom yam if i dint attended a camp at my school.Played my role as a facilitator that night.When all the campers went off to bed in their respective tents,we(the facilitators group) cook tomyam soup in class,with plug in steamboat.I sipped a little bit of it and i stunned,eh how come it tasted so nice!
Is this fella just out from jungle or what?Tom yam also ever try?
I tried before,once, but somehow dont like it.And i refused to try it again till that night.
Perhaps,we need second try sometimes!

Went to Kimbay at the spring,kuching today and ordered vermicelli TomYam as my lunch.
I drunk a glass of ribenasprite plus a glass of skyjuice to finish it off.
Have to bear with its extreme spiciness in order to luxuriate its yumminess.
You know what~?It is all worth it !!Smirking***

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