Saturday, December 11, 2010

'STPM is such a waste!'

I am displeased when read and hear about the unacceptable facts and accusations by the irresponsible people about form 6.It seems to me they simply judge and conjecture upon this topic without genuine knowledge.

For example,mad parents out there spreading how form 6 wasted their children golden time when they unsuccessfully get into IPTA.

come on larh,your child dint perform well in stpm and you blame form 6 instead of your own child?
It should be:my child has wasted form 6,the golden opportunity to enter University.
To be frank,I study form 6 due to financial constraint and my JPA application was predictably declined.(and some others side-reasons).

STPM is one of the toughest exam in the world.You cant just attend form 6 with laid-back attitude and hoping miracle will happen.Form 6 needs real hardwork and smartness.

I am in deep sadness when I sussed that many of my classmates stay in form 6 because they are forced by their parents.They are being where they are because of their parents,not themselves.They got no idea why they have to stay form 6,without goals, without aims,they are just like a movable dead body that being controlled by somebody.

But then when you try to put yourself into their parents shoe,you can actually figure out the hided reasons.Financial problem.If so,the children themselves should understand their parents and adapt to form 6 with a sincere heart but not studying with reluctancy.

With such pessimistic thinking,how are you going to score well in STPM later on?
*with low grades,CGMP lower than 2.00,that official stpm cert means nothing.You cant go anywhere with it.So?1 yr n half wasted!That’s how the rumour of stpm is such a waste comes from.
I am sure that when this day arrive,this will pop out from their mind:
I never say I want to study form 6,u forced me to do so.So I should not be the one to be blame after all.
Childish Nerd!
So you stay form 6 just to make your parents happy?What a filial piety!soso ‘touching’!
After all,you will realize that you make the biggest mistake!
  1. You don’t speak up and let your parents destine your future.
  2. You blame everyone except yourself and stick to your pessimistic mind.
  3. You screwed up stpm.
  4. You get a busuk certificate and no one wants you.
  5. You stop schooling and go for work./Study diploma/foundation etc which makes you fall behind in terms of education level.(at your age)

Choices are yours.You just have to fight for it.
No one but you,are fully responsible for your future.
Stop pointing at others,look at the mirror,he/she is the one to be pointed.

You gotta do something!!

*Need some help?Being doubtful about form 6?
Don’t hesitate to send me an email!
All the best!

*If you dont feel to study form 6,i would advise you dont go for it.
Once you 've dcided,then u gotta fight very hard to achieve good grades!

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