Sunday, March 18, 2012

Historical names and dates

I took history subject in STPM and I got As in both papers.
When I was in Form 6, I scored my history papers in every exam.( A)

It is a tough subject so at first you must love it.

to produce a good essay ,firstly find materials from different books.
then produce main points and points out of it.

how to remember names and dates well?

read the names loudly 
when you read you absorb the fact once.
once you listen what you have spoken there goes another absorption.
and then you write the names for many times or you can just scribble it on papers and read it while you are writing.

and then you can look at the first letter of every word to have better memory on the names.for eg:

joseph augustus jeanz bowling

J A J B : and so by remembering the first letter it will link to the full name. try it :)

how about the dates?

remember the YEAR first
then the month
then only the day

make some stories out of the date:
for eg.

( 100 year earlier then independence,same month with independence and the day is one day earlier than the month's number )

you can apply the technique of remembering the names as well.

you must also know the chronology of every story in the textbook so that you can ensure that the dates are not wrongly memorized.

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