Friday, January 20, 2012


I sat for STPM exams and went to Kuala Lumpur. Before going to KL, I participated in Self-reliance camp at Chung Hua Middle School No.1. That camp was one of the requirements in getting King Scout Award. I felt very lonely at the beginning as I was the only one from my district while the others were all from Kuching district. On the first night, we only slept for about 1.5 hours as we had a 12km night hike. As I didn’t go for hiking for about 2 years, my muscles were very weak.  I had to bear the extreme pain throughout the hike as my leg muscles were cramped and yet the other hikers had very good stamina-we only rested for a few times and each of them lasted for less than 10mins). My legs were so painful that I could hardly feel them. It was determination that kept me going. In the morning (we completed the hike at 4 a.m) ,I couldn’t stand. I felt very scared and quickly texted my skip to inform him. What happened next was I found out my hand phone was not functioning. Wth! I reluctantly forced myself to walk wobbly and minutes after bearing the pain, I was able to stand and walk normally. Thanks heaven! Mental conflicts that happened didn’t stop me from going on and finally I went home happily and contentedly.
In Kuala Lumpur,I stayed at my sister rented apartment for about a week. We shopped a lot and I went to Midvalley’s Theme Park as well. It was a nice trip and I had mild homesick.
I received a call from Double U Network Sdn. Bhd or RTM ( I am not sure ,either one) on the first day of my trip. The caller told me that I am selected as one the fourteen finalists of sejarawan muda program. I was on cloud nine as that meant I will be representing my state to compete in Kuala Lumpur. Besides, the finalists will be on TV as well. There’ll be 14 episodes and commenced from the 2nd episode there’ll be one contestant that will be kicked out in every episode. I hope I will not be the first one to be kicked out eh. However, I am grateful for being selected-out of hundreds. We have been interviewed and given quizzes earlier on at selected universities and we were being judged based on those. My competitors ( Sarawak zone interviewees) were very strong ones -ranging from spm graduates to students who are taking master in history and lawyer-to-be. If the organizer merely judged on our historical knowledge, there was surely no chance for me to beat them. I guess I outperformed the other competitors in presentation part. BM was and is our main and only communication language. That served as a strong point to me as undoubtedly I can speak BM eloquently. The shooting crews encouraged me to be a reporter and told me that the salary of a reporter is very satisfying-6k. They asked me to go for an interview in any studio.
A:Saya baru je habis STPM
B:Har ?? Saya ingat kamu ialah cikgu.
A:Takdelah hehe
C:Awak baguslah.pergilah mana-mana studio dan try.
A:I replied: tengoklah nanti .
Eh I need to have a degree in mass communication lah. As if I can straight away storm to a studio.

Pray for me. Hopefully I’ll bring back victory for our state, for my hometown!
I am working as a personal tutor at my home at the moment. I am also a babysitter. I got nothing to elaborate in these parts-I have been doing these for centuries already and I am nineteen years old. Hehe lame joke.
I’ll be competing in Cyberjaya,Kuala Lumpur and having shootings.
I’ll be at my home doing the same things that I did in January. There’ll be butterflies in my stomach from the beginning of the month until after my result is being released ( STPM). I had nightmares-scene of me who was holding STPM slip that written 3.67. The urge of crying was so strong when I woke up.

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