Sunday, October 2, 2011


If you noted my statuses and posts on my facebook, most probably you will notice that I was not happy.
Well,as most of my friends will guess it right,what else if it was not due to exams.
My mock exam's result is really bad,hmmp bad but acceptable.
My classmates and schoolmates would probably  kill me if they read this post or think I am annoying or whatsoever because they might think I am ungrateful.
But for the sake of improvement,I shall not compare my results with others,but myself.Isn't?
Compared to others,perhaps I am a lot more better,but if compared to my previous results,this is the worst ever.
Erm Or i shall say same with my very first exam that was being taken during lower six.
I aim to improve in every exam,I made it until this time round. Disappointed of myself.
 I'm not a perfectionist,just a goal chaser.Haha LOL.
What's the point of setting a goal and when you fail to realize it ,you feel nothing?

It's ok to fall,isn't? Most importantly we know how to get up and start everything all over again :)

The disappointment I felt has compelled me to try harder.Motivated me and now I feel much better :')
But at least,I hit 3.5.(Try so hard to comfort myself you know :') )
I really crave for 4.00! major badly!
My biggest obstacles are BM & PA papers!
I only manage to get an A-.Really sad and I have decided to do something about it.
In a fortnight-exactly before second mock-I'll try different ways and oout more efforts in these two subs.

Hopefully,if the God wills it,I'll get it !:))

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