Friday, January 20, 2012

Know more about MUET

For bananas and those who have a solid foundation in English would probably think Malaysian University English Test ( MUET) is easy as pie. But for us who don’t have enough exposure (or I shall say those who didn’t put enough effort in learning English) and adequate knowledge in English would be in deep shit. But then how would we judge on the knowledge level?  As at the end, there’s no international standard unit to evaluate or gauge it right? That’s why we need to take exam. Examinations will tell you what your level is. In MUET, the higher band you get, the better you are and eventually you’ll have better chance in entering university. That’s the reason why everyone of us ( STPM candidates) strives so hard and takes it  seriously. The minimum band in entering local university is Band 1 as stated in their requirements .However, based on my school record, there is no one that has successfully entered local university with that band- the lowest band. As a matter of fact, if you get 0 out of 300, you’re a band 1 scorer. haha.

It’s a must?

 It is undeniably extremely important if you intend to settle down in Malaysia. To be exact, it’s a requirement of entering and graduating from local university. So if you want to get a certificate from any local university, it’s a compulsory test.

Is MUET result really important?

It depends on the course that you want to enroll in. Some courses like law requires the applicant to achieve a high band but courses like BM and others are not. You just need to achieve at least a band 2 and of course band 3 will place you at a secured position. 

            Is it possible for me to achieve a good band if I didn’t do well in SPM?

Forget about your result in SPM ( English ) . Some candidates got good grades in SPM but screwed up in MUET and some the opposite.

Uh-huh why ?

It’s merely because different things will be tested in MUET. In SPM, you just need to read, write and analyze. On the other hand , you’ll have to listen, speak, analyze deeply, write, synthesize and a lots more in MUET.
CASE A: My best friend got B/C in SPM but got a high band 4 in MUET.
CASE B: Another friend of mine got A in SPM but only achieved band 3 in MUET.

An advice from me to my juniors: P
I know you are very busy with other subjects but just bear in mind, every subject is equally important.

Why should I believe in you ?

You have to because I am a special scorer of MUET.(I improved a lot) Please refer to the photos below and I bet you will request for tips after this OR you may think I should be feeling shameful. I don’t really care because I did really strive to brush up my English by widening my vocabulary, reading tones of novels and English materials and speaking to my reflection in mirror. 

I am proud of myself and my improvement.I am poor in English , even my English teacher thinks so(not good enough to achieve band 5).it was encouragement and self-believing that convinced me to re-sit. I am grateful and thankful for having great family, teachers and friends. After grueling hours of studying, I did it :) YOU CAN DO IT TOO !!

 Please be noted that the main purpose and the only purpose of showing these photos is to boost up your confidence and it served as an encouragement as well. I have faith in you and of course you should believe in yourself too. Every dream starts with believing.

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