Thursday, May 20, 2010

Form 6's life

Wow,reached months i dint update here..

.....dang dang i will 'unveil' my recent's life XD

Its have been almost 2 weeks i attended form 6 classes.I still stayed at physic class even though i intend to switch to bio class.Pathology is my second pathway,however,i found phy is kind of fascinating and i quite enjoy it...haha dunoooo

still priotise my lawyer dream...applying to change to art.
so sad to say,i was totally blurt with pure math.I stunned and like noe nothg -.-
Pure math is the hardest sub amongst others subs in stpm.

We have being exposed to pengajian am subject today.n i found i do really like it :)

i like political thgy as well as the systems in msia.sort of thg.regarding this,i do really need to refresh..rusty rusty ><

btw,i bought a pinky law book :jilid one tht cost me RM 30
for the moment,i only have finished one page.sweat ...

At class,i trying to make joke to avoid its too boring n dull
thus i came out with idea by asking them:

''PATHOLOGY VS LAWS''which is better for me?

feedback:...Kevin:Dont!!!dont b a coroner!!Later no one want uuuu!!


Kevin:if guy lyk me,i will nt want u..ewww....corpses.

Me:l o l .u scare later my bf dont dare to hold my hands cz oftenly touch those corpses har?

Hong Hin:aint the coroner did wear handglove...

Zhi wei:u pple ah ...thnk too much

anyway....i still sticked to my ambition,being a lawyer....

hopefully,the JPN will approve my application as soon as possible~

JPA will be released this week!

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