Thursday, May 27, 2010

A harsh day

That day was really an unforgetable day for me.I dropped quite alot of tears,yet infront of my buddies.I try not to,but once they try to show their concerness,i broke down n cried.
Its kind of really unsually,cz its so hard to see the weak side of me,cz i dont like to menifest them in front of pple.hMPPP,bt this time was A SUPERB BIG DEAL.

 We performed 2 dances-No Body & 代言人,the moves are quiet alike with the one in mv,copied.During performing on stage,from first second to last,my eye sight focusing on our school principal who occupied the infront seat.I saw his expression and felt so uptight n uneasy on stage,instead of enjoying ours performance,he covering his face with his hand n trying to escape from witnessing,protrating boredom.In contrary,others teachers and PKK seem much enjoying,grinning...Somehow,Im so care about him,duno why.unexplainable.Thus,i felt tremendously sad.Another thg,cz im the founder n the one who choose the dance,i felt im the one who responsible for the whole thg,thus i felt more pressure n stress compare to others.

Just give u one situation to be in the shoe.
You love piano so much,n one day u being given a chance to b on stage.Ur dad who u love so  mcuh turn up.He knew u sacrifice a lot for this performance,he knew its means alot to you.Thus u anticipate encouragement n support from him,bt contradictory with what u hab expected,he turned up to b the last clap after u finished ur shot.Instead of grinning he looked dwn n left.



I cried cz i care my dears....:) And i felt unworthy as we really fully devote our time for few days before.Yet they wil have their exam very soon.And me?fell aslp while driving.

2 days 1 night camping at school,n for that whole night,i slept for less than 1 hr.In the camp,i rained n took bath hrs later.Needless to say i fell sick the next day.With sickness,i practise with the members for the subsequent whole bath no nap bt dance.
It was sumthg like 6pm afternun after finished practising n i went home-driving.
unintentionally,i fell aslp.n being woke up with a loud warn!:horn =(
my godness,fortunely,i swerved to side road instead of the big drain.
im a lucky one...geez.And nw i would still shiver once recalling the incident.gosh!

Back to  topic.mayb our principal is too conservative.SO?
jz ignore him?i wil try to,next time...
bt this is the very first performance that i DINT ENJOY AT ALL.
i just CANT.


Anyway,at least i learnt sumthg.The more we sacrified doesnt means the more will we get:)

After cried,process of oozing tears ended n end up with BOWLING GAME.
We went back n have a short rest,took bath,regathered n head to BDC to play bowling.After that.i just being fine :) Dealed N SOLVED.

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