Saturday, May 22, 2010

The pathways of 09's 5A&5B students

It is not easy to choose ours pathway.We were hesistated,doubting b4 cum to a decision.We were so uptight as we may choose a wrong track.However.We made it.We pondered n finally ....we are now cleared n decided how we gona continue our life's story..:) **applause!

Congratulation to my schoolmates who have found their ways :)!
My dearest schoolmates.wish u all all the best on u guys n gurls respective tracks.
With the passion n enthusiasm in u all,i bliv,u all can beat all the obstacles that blocking ur way.
Goodluck ^^

Unveil ours ambition :
divulge the most important piece in ours life story.....:)

Jessica Lee & Janise Then&Ling Swee Ing:Lawyer
Joan Sim:Counsellor
Kiew Kim Lin:Dentist
Chai Jia Liang:Electronic n Electrical engineer
Kevin Tchee:Civil Engineer
Liaw Chai Yin:Chemical Engineer
Pui Jin Jen,Chai Yi Thung,Go Poh Guan,Yeow Ya:Quantity Surveyer
Lau pung Chan,Chai Ming Tung:Businessman
Stephanie Lai&Chua Zhi Wei&Joshua Tiong:Doctor
Chong Juk Nyen,Simon Sii:Chef
Chong Yuan Chyn,Phedra Liaw:Nurse

If there's any mistake regarding these,plz dont hesitate to inform me,thx.

Tiong is planning to enroll in twinning programme,kl to Rusia.
Chua is either stay in form 6 or take A level in USCI.
Step going to enroll in USCI if declined in matriculation.
Janise n Kim Lin will stay as declined by JPA,n plan to ignore 2nd batch matric.
Juk Nyen going to enroll in SATT,in august.
Kevin n Jia Liang will stay in form 6.
Yee Cong,Jeck Min n edwin have enrolled in IT course.
Han Cheng n Jia Yee have enrolled in college,for Quantity surveyer's course.
Wong Din Lin n Gary n Elton stayed in form 6 as well.
Hong Hin will stay in form 6 if his maktab application is declined.
Eileen n JOng Siaw Qian has enrolled in engineering at Swimburne.
Xiao Jie taking foundation at USCI,hotel management.
Victor doing his studies under a millitary scholarship,medicine.

All the best!!!

Any Question,welcum to point out.:)
-The pathways of students in 5A&5B of year 2009.-

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