Monday, April 26, 2010

i straighten n cut my hair!

i cut n straighten my hair today=)
offered price is RM88
that offer price is using lawsy's portion la.
thus  i requested for a better quality one.
she charged me RM120.
not expensive though^__^ PLUS the service is nice!satiesfied=D
bt my body numb especially my shoulder,cz cant move when they applied the 'shaping cream' i nearly fall aslp =_=
approximately 5 cm damaged hairs being cut T^T
thus its shorter la ><
i decided not to cut my hairs in 3 yrs time except my fringe la XP
i want super duper long feminine hair XD
so bored and hate my 'punky' hair which i ever had when i was 16.
duno why i kind of kept cutting my hair last time,n caused my hairs nw stil very short ven though closely one yr dint cut =_=
my precious darling??hair
fast grow long liao ~~~T^T
hahahaha xD
btw,give u see my fake hair XP,enjoy!!^_^

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