Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a day !

Today is Hari Permuafakatan where parents have to go to school for PIBG meeting and follow by getting the report card from teachers.

I got 3.67 for my first TOV 1 and a band 4 for my MUET.Nearly get Band 5,as nearly as just need another correct answer for reading section.Haiz.

After attended the meeting and got my report card,I went to Boulevard to buy some reference books.
I end up buying a bargain as well,an unexpected one.

It was a BATA stock clearance sales beside the exit pathway,We had a temporarily illegal parking at the side and went down to have a look.

My sister bought a pair of black shoes,cost RM15.A bit dusty but still in well condition.Ah save RM15 for that.
I have to  proclaim a good of mine too,which is a pair of hiking shoes.Original price is around RM60.Usually exceeds RM50.

And I own it with only 2 red notes.Can u imagine how much I have saved ?? I smirked so hard that I keep telling everyone it is so worthwhile to buy it since I have to seat for ujian sikap very soon.A test for a pre-kingscout,A 5days 4 nights hike.

You cant agree more that it is a BARGAIN hiak hiak.

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