Saturday, April 9, 2011

It needs a title.

If you're a lazy-bones with no sense of punctuality and responsibility,this is specially for you !
No offence,I were the one before.You can consider me as your senior bluek.As if I am proud of It omigod.
Hahaha I am kidding :P 
A good time management is really important to get our obligations done on time ,especially for those who have a lot of tasks on hands and those tasks will never lessen.
Time is gold.Well I believe that is only for those who really appreciate it and know the values of it.
Formerly,I was a student of the best class of my school.I always in the middle when came to class ranking.I am not that smart and diligent like others in class.I just have to admit it.Nothing wrong about that :) 
If I were given another chance,I 'll change that fact.The fact that I was lazy.
Then I would not had suffered from humiliation from friends for making them feel disappointed after revealing my results to them.
It hurt me so much that i felt wanna dig a hole,a hole that spacious enough to fit me in and need not to look at anyone's expression in order to steal away from them :/
 I assume you understand me as it is something common that we will face in our lives.
Humiliations,embarrassment,disdains,dislikes,dissatisfactions,annoyance,hurts,detriments and whatsoever annoying things.They are the complement of ours life,Aren't they?We should'nt blame for their existence as they aid us to grow.Things that kill make us stronger.
Well,I am kind of stretching to grouches and grumbles right now ...
I just have to really implant this in my mind: what done is done.

Get back to what I actually wanna talk about...
We tend to laze around when we are not aware of or ignore our tasks in hand.
So what I do to deal with that is jot down every single tasks with dateline beside.It's something like checklist or to-do-list.
By doing so,i am so alert of what i should do next.
I get things done and proceed to the next thing.
This keep going in unstoppable mode as task are keep coming.
To avoid being over-ambitious and over-exhausted,I will prioritize my tasks.
Try to put the least for weekdays and the most for weekends.

It is certainly a triable step to be taken to make the most of our times.
You may try it out :) 
You really have to eradicate the attitude of delays and procrastinations for your own good :3 

But then,dont tire yourself out yahh.We need relaxations to ease off our tensions :) ! 

I am so shy to tell you that dating with my boyfriend is my form of relaxation ! Wheewhitt haha.

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