Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If you make a mistake,please dont punish the baby

 *This not exactly same as the,re-examine the hiden meaning.

I felt like wanting to kill when i heard the news of dumping baby this evening,a baby boy's dead body found at the river.He was believed being throwned**(he is not rubbish wtf*) in the river and afloating for day/day(s) before stuck by a wood.A man who was fishing found him when attempting to get his fished fish.

What the hell people are punishing their babies for their wrong doing.There are uncountable ways or alternatives to deal with the problem.Since you are daring enough to commit the sex offences(underage sex),then why not brave enough to take the responsiblity to raise the baby?!Or even if you are not ready or not afford to do so,fine,give the baby to the authorities,but NOT leave them to DIE.

'It is normal to have sexual desire,if you dont have,then you are abnormal'Quotes from Mdm Matron who working as a nurse for over 30 yrs,35 to be exact.

Yes,everyone of us have sexual desire.But we have to control it.
Do it at the right time with the right way.

Babies are born to be loved,they dont deserve the death penalty that given by their parents.

Baby:Am i born to be rubbish?throwned in rubbish bin,beside the river.......WHY mummy?Why you do this to me?...

Man and woman,you are sacrificing a LIFE with a short term enjoyment and satisfaction.
How FUN and AWESOME is that HUH?HUMAN?Or shall i call you ANIMAL?(you are not even deserve to be called as animal)

Woman,you have the right to choose,dont you?
Please keep the God's child alive no matter what.It is tough,yes indeed it is.But tell yourself,
whatever it takes,just keep him/her alive.

First thing,take it positively alright :)
You are pregnant,it is not the end of the world right?Even if the man refuses to take responsiblity(fail a case,sue him!),be a strong mother.

Now i sound like a counselor encouraging a young mom to not go for abortion or dump her babies,haha!
And the reader,if your friend or even your classmate is pregnant in very young age,dont disdain her as if she done the dirtiest thg in life!Cheer for her!
Give her strength!GO GO GO be a good mother,alright?Cheer!=)

Next thing i wanna share with you my dearest reader(s),


The abortionist used large forceps to crush the baby inside the mother's uterus and remove it in pieces.


Control your sexual desire
if failed to,fine,take precautions!(I am not encouraging owkay!)
pregnant already?Be a strong healthy mother =)

say NO to abandoning babies or abortion!

Babies are the most defenseless citizens.Protect them!
Dont hurt them,you bastard!_)(*&^%$^&*(

Babies are so so CUTE !Dont you think so ??

They are the perfect gift from GOD.=)

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