Monday, September 6, 2010

Exam ENDED,holidays STARTED

3 set of exam Papers were distributed.I know you are curious about the marks as much as I do. My advice is dont have high expectation or anticipation on it since I failed to get satisfactory results. Will sob out on this after I receive the other papers.T.T sobbing **
As the opening of my fortnight long holidays, I stacked up my abandoned newspapers on table,with reason I REALLY NEED TO BRUSH UP MY ENGLISH.What I did was flipping through those blackish pages and look for informative and useful articles .Mostly on thoughts and problem-solution articles.
I was amazed at the secondary students’ writing skills.They’re younger but they able to write much more better than me. Ashamed =( It is pretty depressing to accept the truth that our ability in doing something is weaker than someone who is younger.And that make me felt compelled to plug away at my desire to improve my embarrassing English standard.
I went to bookstore the other day and spotted a novel entitled THE FALLEN.How much I wish to have it.Somehow I dint buy it due to my mom’s reminder:Hey make sure you only buy what u really need!’
Another thing:I love mimilolo doughtnut!My saliva start dropping now…Thank you to my darling sister who introduced me such great food and not-to-forget my babe boyfriend who treated me 6 pcs of various flavoured doughnuts!

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