Sunday, August 22, 2010

A craving for getting good grades

It's dawning while i am pressing my keyboard to express my feelings and thoughts.First of all, i compelled by mr Exam to wake up at 3am to do revision,or in detail,i shall call that as:memorise historical facts.Dizzy and headache now!
3 more days will be my exam.Pretty depressed as i have high expectation towards my exam's result.And i noticed that i keep saying this whenever and whoever talks about examinations:I m going to smash my head upon the wall until it start bleeding and eventually i die if i failed to get good grades.Is that considered as cursing?NO.It significaning how serious am in craving for getting good results.

I am not here to waste my time or honeymoon but to chase my dream.

Had just spent an hour online.It's time to leave.Gear up for my exams.Wish me luck.=]

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