Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It is common to give present like doll and necklace to your girlfriend.On the contrary,It is uncommon to give educational stuff to your girlfriend,for instance,NOVEL.
Went to popular again this noon,chosen a novel which he paid for me with condition I must finish reading it.I paced back and forth to look for the most suitable book,fulfilling requisite qualities such as interesting,mysterious and good storyline,needless to say,must be wrote by a well-known author.

Ended up with Sidney Sheldon’s novel after an hour exploration on book racks.It was an unforgettable scene,whereby we casually seated on floor ,holding selected books and start reading them.Silence broken through by our discussion on writers,types of books,English standard and so on…Enjoyable moments did not ended there,descended to bowling centre for 2 rounds game.Being the worst player in first round and astonishingly being the best player in second round with 2 strikes,satisfactory 110 marks.
Next, ought to be prepared to shift to high gear,finish my piles of homework.
Gearing up for my 2nd examination.

So far,Finished story 2,entitled:The naked face.
Comment:A novel considered as great if it able to keep it's readers in suspense throughout the story.THE NAKED FACE hit it.Sidney did it.Bravo!
Grinned contentedly =D Lots of thx to stephanie for introducing me such great book.In other words,she convinced me to buy it..**evil smile X)

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