Monday, August 16, 2010


I broke my promise saying that will update my blog after my exam.
Seem to be i couldnt stand to utter words on my blog page for just only a fornight.
The exam's schedule is distributed today.
I was not as stressful as i was in form 5 at the moment looking at the A4 sheet.
Instead,I was overjoyed and felt great:oh great!only 5 subjects!!Burning with excitement and joy!
In form 5,i need to prepare for 12 subjects,over 20 papers,so the variance is very significant in the sense of the number of papers that i have to seat and number of pages that i have to read through.
The toughest and most challenging paper for me would be history which consists of 4 main broad title:tamadun dunia,islam,sej msia,asia tenggara.Teacher always remind us that the most integral part of our answer would be sufficient words-four pages.

examination week : 26 Aug - 3 Sept

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