Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Holidays filling!

My holiday is officially started with  a fascinating and riveting reading on a book entitled FOR THE LOVE OF A SON,by Jean Sasson.I have just finished its prologue and first chapter,just like what I expected and hope for,they are as compelling as the summary provided on the back cover!And so,I am writing to recommend this book to all of you who constantly reading my blog post.Aik!

This is how its cover looks like.

Anyone with the slightest interest in human rights will find this book heart-wrenching.-Betty Mahmoody.

Her comment on this book attracted and convinced me that this is the one that matched with what I have been looking for.Something about human rights with a inspiring heroin inside.
This book’s heroin who named Maryam is a Afghan woman.Living in a place where women are nothing but born to please the men,Her family and her went through a real hardship in her life.Yet,it is a true story!
And below is the excerpt of the summary:
A new life of freedom seemed within her greasp but her father arranged a traditional marriage to a fellow Afghan,who turned out to be a violent man.Beaten,raped and abused,Maryam found joy in the birth of a baby son.But then her brutal husband stole him away far beyong his mother’s reach.For many years she searched for her lost son,while civil war and Taliban oppression raged back home in Afrhanistan.
Grab one in popular bookstore now!It currently offering a 20% rebate for members,while stock last people!After rebate,it cost about RM30.They are displayed on the front rack labeled ‘just arrived’ or something like that.
Dot dot dot..
Remarkable thing of the day:
3 books of Sherlock series only cost RM24!!!!!Real bargains!!
I would have buy them if they are in English.
Damn,why is it Chinese books are always so cheap and English’s are so relatively expensive.
At that very moment,I got angry and emotional.But then I successfully brushed them off with these:
They’re in Dollar. And their shipments are much more costly.
And they are mostly authentic.
Ah damn right.I am just depressed because I could not own books that I long and crave for.If only I am rich.I would shop that bookstore everyday.And those stacked receipts will be as high as Petronas Twin Tower.Bahahahaha XD LOL !

Btw,I only start to read novels when I was 18.Late reader!

Lastly,lots of loves to my sister who is studying at IMU,in west Msia. :)
Miss you darling!Wish you all the best on journey of tackling 'doctor-to-be' there as your bf ! Dongdong XP kidding!

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