Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diligent chef XP

I woke up at 3 something this morning.Making sounds with woak and utensils.yea was cooking X)
I supposed to be a chef yesterday,for my boyfriend's birthday.Sadly,the plan could not be run as it was planned.
And so,i decided to cook dishes before head to school this early morning.
I packed them with containers and will hand them over to isaac later on.PS.isaac is my bf X) The time now is 0549!
Hope Isaac and his family will like them ..
They are four dishes altogether,consisting 'KA QIANG MA',butter prawn,mix veggies and osyter sauced japanese tofu.
I am hesitated for minutes before come to a decision to post their photos.
They are actually look and smell nice,bt my stupid pinky w595 handphone cant capture nice shots of them.
Sigh,it is likes ruining my dishes's reputation.
Again,they are actually look much nicer than those ugly photos :/

OH LOL this's cute and so not related XD they're my sisters!Youngest and 5th.

You name them :)

Chao!Have to head to school now,Byieh! ^^v
All the best and goodluck for whatever things that you're doing/wish to do.
May God  bless you !:D

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