Thursday, August 15, 2013

To Recapitulate

I bet you must be wondering, uhh why the word "recapitulate" is used when it simply means summarize or wrap up?

What is the writer trying to recapitulate? ( this question and its answer will link it back to the first one)
Well, it is about the writer's first year in law school and in law school you will meet awesome people who will not EVER feel shy or hesitant to let you feel that they're the awesome ones. 

I'm trying to awe youuuuuu with the word "recapitulate'! How stupid! L O L Got nothing better to do!

1. Residential College and Faculty Orientation
The orientation lasted for 2 weeks, one for RC another for my Fac. For RC, it was physically challenging. With punishments, strict schedules and enery-consuming activities. 
For the Faculty Orientation, it was rather mentally challenging. I am prohibited from exposing much. I shouldn't and I don't want to be taken as a recalcitrant person. Opps! Just be prepared! Enough said.

2.Lectures and tutorials
Basically I had lectures and tutorials from morning to evening and sometimes afternoon with breaks in between. I literally fell asleep at times during lectures and there was once I was sitting right infront of my lecturer with fingerscrossedimsonotgonnafallasleepthistime thought and i ended up...sleeping. I had this difficulty of concentrating and being wide awake for the whole lecture. Don't be surprise, there were subjects which I knew nothing but only the gist of it albeit attending the lectures. It was not because of the nature of the subjects were in-comprehensible  just that I was supremely disinterested in all efforts to follow the lectures until the last minute as I knew I could cope somehow-I had this supernatural power. ( of course I'm kd! I knew because it was normal. We were merely experiencing something that seniors had experienced.) The situation can be equated as you keep leaving the unwanted ones behind until you have no choice but to pick them up. See? Normal kan??hehehe.

3. Non-academic
For Residential college activities, I was close to not joining anything as I was very committed to Debate Club and I devoted most of my extra time on it. By extra, I meant not having classes. I had to sacrifice many lectures and tutorials to participate in inter-university debate competitions. At times, I wanted to give up as I was so tired of keeping up with all of these 'extra busyness' that my peers didn't have. I always knew that everyone led a different life but somehow at some point we got tired. Wouldn't we? Thank God that I pulled it through, may be not fantastically but at least, satisfactorily-be it in debate or academically. 
*To continue staying in RC, you must contribute to your RC by taking part in the activities. A mere participation will not guarantee you a seat, higher marks will only give you  a better chance.**

4. Relationship
Roller coaster. What to expect? It was a LDR. It still is.

5. Friendships
Perplexities. It soon dawned on me that I had a right mindset. *Could not care less attitude as long as I did no wrong**

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